Benefits of Ongoing Wireless Optimization

Benefits of Ongoing Wireless Optimization

Benefits of Ongoing Wireless Optimization

The wireless industry continues to evolve with carriers delivering higher speeds, device manufacturers are turning out faster processors, while thousands of new apps are released each year dramatically increasing the consumption of data services.  On average, users now consume more than 3 GB of data on their way towards 20 GB per month.  Meanwhile, carriers are pouring billions into their networks in preparation for 5G, which is creating tremendous pressure to increase revenues.

Confusing carrier rate plans are the norm aimed to leverage consumers’ increase in data usage together with demands to increase average revenue per subscriber. Unlimited plans are now available but are not appropriate for all of your users. Unlimited plan structures are also changing creating more confusion on what exactly is included and which unlimited plan yields the best return.  Carriers offer dozens of features which can be effective or can just add cost if not used. Taxes and surcharges add to the baffling monthly fees that despite your best intentions keep going up.

OWM OptimizationMany enterprises have negotiated great carrier contracts receiving amazing discounts, rate plans and feature fees that potentially provide significant cost savings.  However, a really good contract does not alone deliver savings. Enterprises must be able to effectively utilize the rate plans, features and discounts based on their users’ actual, every changing consumption of wireless services.

Carriers can provide review of your billing by offering optimization reviews and suggested new rate plans, and while this may be a no brainer of a first step, it does not provide an unbiased view of all available rate plans for complete cost savings for your company. Meanwhile, carrier account teams continue to decrease in both size in addition to high employment turnover rates further reducing their effectiveness as your wireless steward. Carrier account teams can be very helpful with deployments and overall support, perhaps just not as the sole source to manage your spend.

The wireless industry has a perfect storm brewing for enterprises. Without a proactive and effective approach to managing your wireless spend costs will continue to rise wasting thousands or millions of dollars monthly.

Implementing an ongoing monthly optimization practice is required to successfully manage an enterprise’s wireless spend.  Keeping a close eye on changes in individual and total consumption and their alignment to available rate plans, features and discounts critical.  Spikes in unbilled usage should be identified so that adjustment can be made prior to the end of the billing period to avoid unwanted overage charges. Device upgrades, new mobile applications, process digitization, and globalization all factor in to changes in consumption.

Quarterly optimizations have made sense for many enterprises but actually leave substantial dollars in missed savings.  Usage changes monthly and must be proactively managed to prevent plans and features from not being effectively utilized.  Can you afford to keep zero use device activated for an additional two months? A streamlined optimization process will facilitate monthly optimizations maximizing results.

Receiving monthly optimization recommendations is one important component in a comprehensive wireless program.  Acting on the recommendations is even more critical. Best practices recommend having business guidelines in place that pre-authorize changes to be made on your behalf. This ensures that the majority of the monthly optimization recommendations are implemented on a timely basis to maximizing your savings. Any other out of guideline recommendations can then be reviewed minimizing your time involvement. It is best to review what has been accomplished at the end of each month rather than what may be able to be accomplished.

If you have over 500 corporate liable devices in your enterprise, an ongoing optimization is a must.   IT Managers can no longer sit back and allow their company’s monthly fees to increase as usage and services continue to skyrocket.  A proactive, efficient monthly optimization service from an unbiased party will keep your costs in check. Keeping your cost in check will allow your wireless users the best service options to deploy the many brilliant benefits wireless solutions can bring to an enterprise.

Our clients find that an optimization review provides significant revenue to fund other company initiatives. Please contact us to hear more about the benefits an ongoing wireless optimization can bring to your enterprise.