Build Your Mobility Practice on Over 750 Years of Combined Enterprise Mobility Expertise

Build Your Mobility Practice on Over 750 Years of Combined Enterprise Mobility Expertise

Build Your Mobility Practice on Over 750 Years of Combined Enterprise Mobility Expertise


The Explosive Growth of Mobile Devices in the Enterprise Represents a Tremendous Profit Opportunity for VARs and Systems Integrators with the Right Mix of Technology and Services

More and more VARs and Systems Integrators rely on OVATION Wireless Management for the core building blocks of their enterprise mobility practices. With over 750 years of combined enterprise mobility expertise, OVATION Wireless Management’s extensive portfolio of services and state-of-the-art software platform enables VARs and Systems Integrators to confidently, successfully and profitably take advantage of the enterprise mobility market opportunity. When it comes to supporting end-users, IT and mobility are synonymous. If you want a competitive advantage then mobility is a requirement. OVATION Wireless Management delivers an unprecedented suite of services that is customized to the exact needs of your customers. From supporting custom mobile applications developed with responsive design and apps developed and deployed through the app stores to rate plan optimization, custom device deployments and expert support services, OVATION ensures that your customers mobile initiatives are a success.

Launch Your Managed Mobility Services with a Trusted Partner

The enterprise mobility ecosystem is highly complex, often consisting of multiple wireless carriers (domestic and international), tablets and Smartphones, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), multiple mobile applications, multiple mobile operating systems, and a plethora of end-user capabilities and competencies that all make for a very diverse and challenging environment. Only a partner like OVATION Wireless Management can help you coordinate and profit from this complex ecosystem. With proven experience working with the most complex, multinational corporations, OVATION has developed a comprehensive Managed Mobility Service Suite that can be white labeled or co-branded and help you take advantage of this tremendous market opportunity.

The OVATION Managed Mobility Service Suite

Wireless Rate Plan Optimization

As a critical component of any well-run enterprise mobility program, wireless rate plan optimization ensures an efficient mobile enterprise by eliminate excess spend with the wireless carriers. When gone unmanaged, wireless spend can quickly spiral out of control and cost enterprises an additional 20% to 40%. OVATION Wireless Management keeps the enterprise wireless spend in check and helps free-up budget for additional IT initiatives.

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Maintaining visibility and control of the mobile enterprise is required to prevent cost data breaches. Mobile endpoints can quickly become vulnerable without any indication from the end-user. OVATION’s managed MDM services provide complete visibility and control over the state of all mobile devices in the enterprise. In addition, MDM app stores can play an important role in distributing custom applications to your customers’ mobile devices.

General and Technical Support

Most enterprises consist of a heterogenous mix of end-users who are baby boomers, generation X, generation Y, millennials and Generation Z. Some users are more adept with mobile devices than others. Getting all users up to speed and productive is critical to the success of the enterprise mobility program. OVATION’s comprehensive general and technical support dramatically improves the mobile competencies and productivity of a diverse mobile workforce. Our team of experts are well versed with the idiosyncrasies of the wireless carriers, tables, Smartphones, operating systems, MDM systems and applications. With OVATION Wireless Management you’ll be able to provide expert support to your customers’ wireless administrators and end-users.

Mobile Device Deployments

In order to achieve a competitive advantage, most enterprises are looking to mobility initiatives to distribute information and capabilities to employees on the edge of the enterprise in order to better serve and win customers. OVATION can help you advance and profit from these initiatives with mobile device and application deployments that get the end-users quickly up to speed and help your customers’ mobility programs succeed.

Managing the Enterprise Mobility Life Cycle

OVATION Wireless Management’s comprehensive suite of managed mobility services addresses the needs of enterprises throughout the enterprise mobility life cycle. From procurement and deployments to management and reporting to decommission and recycling, OVATION provides for all of these use-cases.

Your Trusted Enterprise Mobility Partner

OVATION is your trusted partner in enterprise mobility. We understand how important your customer relationships are and how critical flawless execution is in order for you to advance your business. When you partner with OVATION you’re backed with over 750 years of combined enterprise mobility experience and the advanced capabilities that will ensure your success.

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