The Guide to Securing Your Mobile Connected Enterprise

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The Guide to Securing Your Mobile Connected Enterprise

Download our guide on mobile security! A fine line exists between enhancing employee productivity with Smartphones, tablets and laptops and creating an environment that is susceptible to exploits from mobile threat vectors. This guide will help you secure your mobile connected enterprise while reducing the security burden on your employees.

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3 Easy Steps to Unlock Mobile Workforce Productivity

Download our special report on mobile workforce productivity! Beyond mobile email and browsing lies the next great enterprise productivity windfall. This essential guide provides you with critical steps to realize the true promise of the mobile connected workforce.  

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Critical Considerations When Planning Your 2015 Enterprise Mobility Strategy

Advancements and Innovations from MobileCON and Beyond Will Have a Big Impact in 2015 CTIA Super Mobility Week and MobileCON CTIA, the Wireless Association, rejuvenated its annual meetings by combining the two in order to represent the entire mobile ecosystem in one “super mobility” event.Super Mobility Week represented consumer and business markets alike with a […]

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OVATION Wireless Management Supports TEMIA’s Request for Improved Carrier Billing Standards

OVATION Wireless Management, a member of the Telecom Expense Management Industry Association (TEMIA), views billing data as a critical component of the enterprise data set required for effective management of a mobile connected workforce and the enterprise mobile ecosystem. Unfortunately, wireless carriers have yet to provide enterprises with consistently accurate and easily formatted billing data. […]

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Models of Efficiency – University of Massachusetts

Dialing for Dollars University Information Technology Services Thomas W. Durso University Business, April 2014 Honoree: University of Massachusetts Program Category: Information Technology When was the last time you took a good, long look at your wireless bill? What it contains might surprise you. An international roaming plan used for a trip last year that you […]

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OVATION Wireless Data Outlook for 2014

Continued Enterprise Smartphone and Tablet Growth Combined with Video and Cloud Services will Help Drive Record Wireless Data Usage Enterprise Wireless Data Consumption Fueled by New Smartphones and Tablets with ¦

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Converging Forces are Driving Unprecedented Demand for Mobile Data Communications that will Crush Enterprise Budgets

Optimization of Data Communications Plans is Imperative for Mobile Success A perfect storm of market conditions is rapidly developing and will result in added pressure on enterprise IT and communications budgets. Growing Trend of Tablet Low Costs When Apple first launched the iPad, the lowest performance Wi-Fi only version was priced at $500. Now with the […]

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Improving the Productivity of a Mobile Connected Workforce Requires Segmentation, Alignment and Training

Aside from proactively managing mobile devices to ensure data security, many enterprises take a “fire and forget” approach to engaging end-users and ensuring that they have the right mix of technology and training to match each person’s role. Or they assume that bring your own device (BYOD) means that the end-user is proficient and capable […]

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Best Practices for Enterprise Mobile Device Management

The shifting sands of the MDM (mobile device management) landscape create challenges for enterprises. By: Randall Light – CEO of OVATION Wireless Management Published in the April 2013 edition of Field Technologies Magazine The rapid growth and evolution of the MDM market are creating challenges for enterprise IT organizations focused on securing mobile endpoints and […]

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Mobile Expense Management: Visibility for the Enterprise and the User

As BYOD grows and there are more devices in the enterprise, there are more apps on those devices. Heavy data usage and correlating wireless data expenses grows as well and companies need visibility to mange mobile expenses. Navigating the carrier landscape and negotiating contracts are just one piece of controlling costs. Download this Thought Leadership […]

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