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Best Practices in Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) for the Enterprise

BYOD is taking over enterprise mobility environments and the corresponding increase in costs and security risks are quickly becoming too much for enterprise IT departments to handle. Download our BYOD White Paper: Best Practices in Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) for the Enterprise: Securely Enabling Your Mobile Connected Workforce While Avoiding the BYOD Tax and […]

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The Benefits of Real Time Optimization

Customers of wireless services have long been challenged by hefty penalties for exceeding data limits and delayed information access to their own data plan statuses. It now seems however, that the days of delayed bill management and cost shock could be a thing of the past. Real Time Optimization could possibly revolutionize wireless cost management […]

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What You Need To Understand About Mobile Device Management

Most companies are currently enjoying the services of Mobile Device Management systems. It has become a priority for companies’ IT department because it allows for the management of mobile networks within the workplace. It has also gained popularity because of the global utility of mobile devices and the necessity to control and monitor the transfer […]

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Services To Expect From The Wireless Help Desk

Technology keeps marching on and becoming both more complicated and more important, whether the average user is ready for it or not. Many people are finding that the only way to get in touch with some of their friends and family is now through features like text messaging and social networks. It is easy to […]

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Real Time Optimization Is A Money Saver

Anyone that has used a wireless cell phone has probably had to pay hefty monetary penalties for going over plan data limits, time restrictions, or other mysterious fees your service charges. Often, these charges result from the wireless companies slow updates of usage time for your account, preventing customers from knowing they reached the limit. […]

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Unlocking the Power of Mobile Device Management

Mobile device management (MDM) is about more than technology–it’s also about skillful strategic resource management. It’s about making the right business and management decisions to trulyoptimize the functionality and security of a mobile communications network while minimizing costand downtime.This supplement combines information aboutthe latest MDM tools available from vendors withreal-world advice on how enterprise business […]

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Mobile Device Liability Model

Not much more than a year ago, the discussion regarding employee owned mobile devices accessing corporate email and other data was heated and polarized. On the “Less Filling” side of the debate were the IT folks barring the barbarians from getting through the gate with their unsupported rogue personally-owned devices. And on the “Tastes Great” […]

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Jacksonville Business Journal

EXCLUSIVE REPORTS From the March 12, 2004 print edition Wireless management’s profitability soars — for now Tony Quesada Staff Writer JACKSONVILLE — It’s hard for Stephen Sgroi to pin down when it happened, but sometime in the last five years wireless phones went from being a nice-to-have item at Elkins Constructors — they made the […]

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OWM to Help York County

Firm to help county connect their cell phone contracts By: Erica Pippen The Herald (Published December 21, 2003) A handful of different carriers now provide cellular and wireless services for York County’s various offices, but officials have hired a wireless management firm to help relink the disconnected system. Ovation Wireless Management of Charlotte was recently […]

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