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Logistics and Field Service Support

Should logistics and field service industries treat mobile device technology like they do tractors and trailers? Yes, full-service leasing of mobile technology is the smart way to go. Mobile devices are now a ubiquitous part of modern life, bringing a familiar comfort with daily use, easy set up and operation for our personal lives. That […]

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Why GDPR matters to your U.S. business.

In this age of consumers demanding more privacy regarding the use and sharing of their personal information, recent laws and changes in data compliance have created a global effect and hyper-awareness of data privacy for all consumers and businesses are paying attention. In May of 2018 the European Union enacted the Global Data Protection Regulation […]

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When is it time to refresh your company’s devices?

Who determines when it’s time to upgrade their mobile device?  New wireless devices are released on a regular basis, operating systems are upgraded, carrier networks are changing and employees are clamoring for that shiny new device. All of this leaves CIOs, IT managers and businesses with a myriad of decisions on how to plan and […]

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Mobile Technology and Digital Transformation for Enterprise: A Strategy for Success

Mobile technology used for work is not a fad and is not going away. Businesses both large and small are buying smart phones, tablets and developing apps or buying SaaS to digitize and automate their workflow with form and function.  It is transforming business, empowering employees to be more efficient and unleashing worker creativity and […]

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Wireless Expense Management SaaS

OVATION’s new tools for efficiency In today’s mobile centric world, enterprises realize the benefits mobile technologies bring to their customers, employees and infrastructure.  However, the risks and requirements associated with security, costs and support must be managed or the potential for negative business impact is enormous.  The need to proactively manage mobility has never been […]

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2G/3G Sunset: Don’t get left behind

When AT&T turned down its 2G network in 2016, around 70 percent of San Francisco’s buses and trains disappeared from the NextMuni system map, which tracks vehicle locations in real-time and predicts arrival times. The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFTMA) then faced weeks of mounting public pressure while it scrambled to upgrade its legacy […]

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Our Connected World

21 Billion IoT Devices To Invade By 2020 Gartner predicts the Internet of Things will explode and will include 21 billion connected devices by 2020 with other connected devices outnumbering consumer mobile devices. And with 5G your world is about to change as you have never imagined. Here are a few areas of connected devices […]

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Protecting your data in the wake of GDPR

With the recent enactment of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) from the European Union, companies are making changes to improve how they collect and also how they communicate the collection and use of personal data on their customers. The GDPR applies to any business that may collect, process, manage or store information on a European Union […]

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More about the Internet of Things (IoT)!

As more and more information and predictions are published about the Internet of Things (IoT), it’s probably a good idea that we all take a deep breath because the tsunami of information isn’t even close to hitting us yet.  In our current world of information overload, you would be hard pressed to read any updates […]

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The Internet of Things (IoT)

Have you considered IoT solutions for your Enterprise? Everyone knows something about the internet, and whether you agree or disagree on who invented it, you may likely agree that it has added some element of convenience, concern, or entertainment to your life. However the internet is on the verge of becoming so ubiquitous and deeply […]

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