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OTT- is Your Mobile Enterprise Ready for These Three Letters?

While we have previously published blog posts on the correlation between increasing Smartphone screen size and wireless data usage, this post is dedicated to a related topic on the high growth of online video consumption on mobile. The Impact of OTT on Your Mobile Data What is OTT? OTT stands for Over-The-Top which is referring […]

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The Battle Over Net Neutrality Heats Up

The Battle Over Net Neutrality Heats Up On March 12th, the FCC released its declaratory ruling and order on Net Neutrality. Net Neutrality is a politically charged topic that pits Internet service providers (ISPs) against the FCC over the issue that ISPs should enable that same access to all content and applications without discrimination. A […]

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Mobile World Congress Wrap-Up

The Future of the Mobile Enterprise The Edge of Innovation Mobile World Congress (MWC) continues to grow and rival the likes of the Consumer Electronics Show. This year was no exception as over 93,000 attendees, 3800 members of the media and industry analysts and over 2000 exhibitors converged on Barcelona for the annual event. Mobile […]

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Android for Work

Bring Your Own Android: Google Gets Enterprise Friendly with the Latest Android for Work Release With the latest Android operating system, Lollipop 5.0, comes additional functionality called Android for Work. After dealing with significant criticism from IT organizations and industry pundits, over OS fragmentation, vulnerabilities and malware, Google has responded with Android for Work. With […]

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What is Wireless Expense Management?

Wireless Expense Management, commonly referred to as WEM, is the management of the capital and service expenses associated with mobile devices, including Smartphones, tablets, cellular phones, wearable devices and other mobile devices that connect to the wide area networks of wireless telecommunications carriers. The growth of usage of mobile devices in organizations has resulted in […]

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What is COPE (Corporate Owned, Personally Enabled)?

COPE is an enterprise IT governance model for mobile devices. The concept of COPE is that the enterprise and employees benefit from the buying power and security capabilities of the enterprise resulting in lower costs and a more secure environment while allowing a certain level of personal usage of the devices and services. COPE is […]

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What is BYOD (Bring-Your-Own-Device)?

Bring-Your-Own-Device or BYOD is an IT governance model that allows employees to bring their own mobile devices into the enterprise and connect them to corporate systems in order to increase their productivity. The trend of BYOD took hold when new Smartphones and tablets emerged and employees started acquiring them for personal use and didn’t want […]

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What is MDM (Mobile Device Management)?

Mobile Device Management or MDM, is the software, systems and services that enable an IT department to secure, monitor and manage employee’ mobile devices regardless of the wireless carrier, the operating system, ownership of the device or the location of the device. MDM emerged as a category in response to the risks associated with devices […]

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Apps and Malware – A Marriage Made for Cyber Attacks

As Smartphones and Tablets continue to develop into key threat vectors for cyber criminals to exploit, there are important steps to take to help your mobile connected workforce mitigate threats. While Android has been the poster child for exploits, iOS is not a safe haven and often creates a false sense of security. Recent reports […]

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Larger Screen Sizes Mean More Data Usage

iPhone Enterprises Should Right-Size Data Plans to Prevent Big Overage Bills with iPhone 6 Deployments According to the Connected Intelligence Smartphone Usage Report from The NPD Group, from November of last year, monthly data usage on smartphones with screens that are 4.5 inches or larger increases from 5.0 GB to 7.2 GB. Enterprises should be […]

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