Critical Considerations When Planning Your 2015 Enterprise Mobility Strategy

Critical Considerations When Planning Your 2015 Enterprise Mobility Strategy

Critical Considerations When Planning Your 2015 Enterprise Mobility Strategy

Advancements and Innovations from MobileCON and
Beyond Will Have a Big Impact in 2015

CTIA Super Mobility Week and MobileCON

CTIA, the Wireless Association, rejuvenated its annual meetings by combining the two in order to represent the entire mobile ecosystem in one “super mobility” event.Super Mobility Week represented consumer and business markets alike with a focus on mobile innovations that power the connected life.The event hosted thousands of mobile professionals, over 1100 exhibitors and more than 1000 members of the media.Plethora new devices, applications and the Internet of Things (IoT) captivated audiences.From mobile applications and connected cars to mobile device management and enterprise wireless management, the entire mobile ecosystem was well represented. Super Mobility Week hosted several shows within the show, including the Mobile Consumer Electronics / Retail Zone, Connected Life, Networks and Infrastructure (4G World, M2M, Testing Solutions, Tower & Small Cell Summit) and MobileCON the enterprise mobility show.

During MobileCON, OVATION Wireless Management announced its next generation Magellan wireless optimization software and services which garnered great attention from the media and analysts, including Gartner.Solving for the complexities and challenges of the mobile connected enterprise, including wireless data optimization, bring-your-own-device (BYOD) governance and supporting a mobile connected workforce, was of significant interest and resulted in a packed-house in the OVATION Wireless Management booth.

The new product launches and innovations in Smartphones, tablets, mobile device management and security will impact enterprise mobility in 2015 and beyond.Here is a guide to some of the most significant innovations and considerations for your enterprise mobile strategy in 2015:

New, Bigger and More Powerful Smartphones and Tablets Means Greater Capabilities and Increased Wireless Data Consumption

Virtually all the major Smartphone manufacturers released new devices in Q3 and Q4 of this year.Most of the new Smartphones have more powerful processors and more screen real estate which improves their capabilities as data consumption devices as well as interacting with corporate applications.Larger and brighter displays will drive greater video consumption which has a dramatic impact on wireless data plans. Therefore, with these advancements, come some significant planning considerations given the potential impact on capital expense, wireless data consumption and corporate networks. In addition, with most enterprises supporting bring- your-own-device (BYOD) programs, there will likely be a flood of new, larger and more powerful devices entering the enterprise shortly after the holiday season.IT organizations will need to be prepared to handle the flood of new Smartphones in their respective enterprises.

Smartphone Screen Size Matters

As we mentioned in a recent blog post, according to the Connected Intelligence Smartphone Usage Report from The NPD Group, from November of last year, monthly data usage on smartphones with screens that are 4.5 inches or larger increases from 5.0 GB to 7.2 GB.IT organizations should plan for a significant increase in wireless data traffic on carrier and internal Wi-Fi networks and a corresponding increase in costs.In order to mitigate these risks and avoid costly data overage fees it is critical to update wireless policies and make sure that wireless data optimization programs are up to date and prepared to handle increased volume.

New Smartphone Screen Sizes
These latest big-screen Smartphones will dominate the
mobile connected workforce in 2015:

  • Apple iPhone 6: 7-inch screen
  • Apple iPhone 6 Plus: 5-inch screen
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 4: 7-inch screen
  • Samsung Galaxy S5: 1-inch screen
  • Google Nexus 6: 6-inch screen
  • HTC One M8: 7-inch screen
  • Nokia Lumia 635: 5-inch screen
  • Motorola Droid Turbo: 2-inch screen

Wireless Data Utilization Management and Optimization

Wireless managers and IT organizations need to be acutely aware of new wireless carrier data plans and opportunities to drive efficiencies because there will be a significant increase in wireless data usage in 2015 as a result of the new, bigger and more powerful Smartphones introduced this year.Not only will IT leadership need to align their mobile connected workforces with the most efficient wireless data plans but an assessment of Wi-Fi access points and corporate network capacity will need to take place in order to ensure the new Smartphones and Tablets will not cripple corporate networks.

OVATION Wireless Management’s Magellan Software and Wireless Data Optimization Services Deliver Industry Leading Efficiencies

OVATION Wireless Management’s latest release of the industry leading Magellan wireless optimization software, as announced at MobileCON, provides enterprises with the most advanced wireless data optimization resulting in a demonstrable return on investment from a reduction in data costs as much as 40%.OVATION is your partner in driving efficiencies, security and productivity of your mobile connected enterprise.Most enterprises utilize the wireless service cost savings, from OVATION, to fund new device deployments, wireless application development and mobile device management (MDM).

Wireless Policies Need to Evolve to Address New Smartphones and Tablets

Now is a great time to review your enterprise mobile policies to ensure appropriate governance of your mobile connected workforce in anticipation of the new devices that will be entering your enterprise.With increasing pressure from employees wanting the latest and greatest mobile devices, it is important to clearly define the guardrails that govern device selection and utilization. OVATION Wireless Management helps enterprises develop a living wireless policy that addresses the unique needs of the different types of mobile employees that make-up your mobile connected workforce.OVATION Wireless Management’s industry leading policies deliver best practices that help mitigate risks and eliminate costs while maximizing employee productivity.

The Shift to Mobile Devices and Cloud Computing has Inherent Security Issues as the Trust Boundary Shifts from Corporate Networks to the Public Networks

It is imperative to assess the security of your mobile connected enterprise heading into 2015. As mobile devices continue to proliferate in the enterprise and IT administrators work to discourage personal traffic liability and overhead, users continue to adopt cloud services, including Box, Google Drive, Salesforce and others.The challenge with this shift to the cloud is that corporate firewalls are bypassed and mobile devices have quickly become the target of choice for financially motivated cyber-attacks.SMS botnets and ransom-ware apps continue to proliferate and Android devices are particularly prone to these attacks.If your enterprise has standardized on iOS devices you should not embrace a false sense of security, because iCloud was recently compromised and iOS has been the recent target of WireLurker and Masque attacks. Mobile operating systems and applications have become the target of advanced persistent threats attempting to gain access to corporate data.  Make sure that the right policies and safeguards are deployed in order to prevent breaches and downtime.

Not only should you make sure that your mobile malware and antivirus strategy is up-to-date but you also need to make sure that your Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions are adequate for protecting corporate data, mobile devices and your mobile connected workforce.

While Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Security rarely grab the headlines, like new mobile device announcements, however, advancements released in Q3 and Q4 of 2014 can help keep your mobile enterprise secure.Advancements in MDM capabilities warrant review to determine if you need to change or add an MDM solution.OVATION Wireless Management helps provide IT organizations with guidance, management and support of MDM solutions.

2014 MDM and Enterprise Management Award Winners from MobileCON

  • AirWatch Enterprise Mobility Management Version 7.1
  • AirWatch Secure Content Locker Version 2.2 for iOS
  • Good Technology,Good Mobile Service Management: Provides deep visibility and control of mobile apps built on the Good Dynamics Secure Mobility Platform
  • BlackBerry Ltd,BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10.2.1 (BES10.2.1)

At OVATION Wireless Management, we help enterprises develop an effective mobile security strategy that starts with your policy and effective governance and extends to the mobile security and MDM systems that are required to secure your corporate assets.OVATION works with all the leading MDM companies and manages thousands of MDM deployments for leading enterprises.Learn more by visiting http://ovationwireless.com/mdm-mobile-device-management/