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There is no substitute for experience, especially when searching for a strategic partner to help manage important wireless initiatives. When it comes to wireless expense management experience, and complete enterprise mobility management, there is no firm in the Managed Mobility industry with more wireless experience than OVATION Wireless Management. In fact, our team collectively represents over 320 years of wireless experience dating back to when the industry began.

Wireless Management ExperienceThe dynamics of literally every component in wireless continues to increase with new plans, equipment, services, capabilities, applications, and even end user requirements. This complex management challenge requires the effective convergence of People, Processes, and Technology. Any one or two of these elements by itself is not enough to fully execute an optimal solution. In wireless it takes all three. Our commitment to our clients is that we will never abandon this principle.

We approach each new engagement as a partnership where continuous optimization and improvement of every service element is mandatory.

We are passionate about wireless management services and we feel it takes that conviction to perform well in this space. Our team of experts includes previous Directors, GM's, VP's and Sr. VP's for some of the nation's largest carriers. This domain expertise, coupled with our proprietary “Magellan” management portal, and processes jointly developed with our customer base ensures that our clients have the Best in Class solution for their mobile environment.

After so many years in wireless consulting, we feel we are just getting started in terms of seeing a true mobile wireless experience beginning to evolve and become reality in the industry. It's amazing to think of the possibilities and how it will change personal and professional productivity forever.

We continue to rapidly evolve and expand our portfolio of solutions through ongoing client collaboration and feel the most exciting years are ahead in the mobility management space.

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