The Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things (IoT)

Have you considered IoT solutions for your Enterprise?

Everyone knows something about the internet, and whether you agree or disagree on who invented it, you may likely agree that it has added some element of convenience, concern, or entertainment to your life.

However the internet is on the verge of becoming so ubiquitous and deeply intertwined with your daily life, you may begin to think is actually part of you.

The Internet of Things (aka IoT), is basically a network of interrelated objects or things, including people, animals, devices, computers, TV’s, vehicles and fruit.  Yes, that’s right, FRUIT! connected bananas Practically any object, even a banana, can be embedded with a unique identifier and equipped with the ability to transfer and exchange data over a network without requiring human interaction.  IoT will take us light years past machine-to-machine technology and the ultra-cool technology of Star Trek may be right around the corner. 

IoT will allow most anything on the planet to be managed, monitored or controlled remotely across a network.  This will create vast opportunities for performance and usage monitoring, cost efficiencies, and even enhanced life cycles for untold processes and “Things” of our daily lives.  Not only will your smart home greet you when you arrive home from work, it will also be able to tell you that your bananas are approaching peak ripeness and your patio garden needs watering.  Remote access to your home’s thermostat will seem “so yesterday” because experts estimate that IoT will consist of approximately 50 billion objects by 2020.

The first use of the term “Internet of Things” was used in 1999 while describing the huge amounts of data that flowed over the internet.  The data back then was created by people, not machines, by typing on a keyboard, taking pictures, recording songs, or scanning bar codes.  However IoT has been in development for decades, since the early 1980s when programmers at Carnegie Melon University connected a Coke machine over the Internet to check the status of the machine and determine when the drinks would be cold after restocking.

As progressive as that was in the 80s and 90s, the problem has been that people have limited time and attention, and certainly imperfect accuracy.  Simply put, people are not very good at collecting data. Computers on the other hand, can track everything there is to know about “Things” without any input from human beings.  We will soon be able to keep track of everything and reduce cost by eliminating waste and loss, and computers will be able to alert us as to when things need repairing or replacing. 

As IoT technology and internet infrastructure continue to evolve, there will be many advantages and efficiencies to be gained.  The challenge for most people and companies, is that it remains difficult to identify and evaluate the cost and benefit of utilizing an IoT solution.  It is highly recommended to consult with trusted vendors and partners that can help provide valuable information and input on IoT solutions as well as the cost and timeline to deploy.

OK, back to your fruit, your virtually plugged-in, IoT bananas.  Your biggest decision may be in deciding what to make with your perfectly ripened bananas…banana pudding or banana bread? Now your real work begins!