Wireless Management Requires Unique Expertise that OVATION Wireless Delivers.

The rate-of-change of enterprise mobility is unlike that of any other category that enterprise IT organizations have faced. The proliferation of Smartphones, Tablets, Mobile Apps, Mobile Device Management Software, Wireless Carrier Services and Rate Plans and their rapid rate-of-change present a significant challenge to IT organizations. Mobile device operating systems, including iOS, Android and Windows, are constantly being updated; BYOD programs are generating a constant flow of new device requests that require the expertise and systems that provide complete visibility and control over your mobile ecosystem. Enterprise wireless policies and governance are often challenged to keep-up with the rapid evolution of the enterprise mobility landscape. And, the increased consumption of wireless services creates one of the fastest growing IT expenses ever.

OVATION Wireless Management Eliminates the Challenges with the Rapid Evolution of Enterprise Mobility

With over 750 years of wireless experience, state-of-the-art software and services and millions of dollars invested in best-in-class enterprise wireless management solutions, OVATION Wireless is the perfect extension of your IT organization that is equipped to address the challenges of your mobile enterprise. OVATION's capabilities span the entire lifecycle of mobile devices and services in the enterprise. You will find that OVATION eliminates the guesswork of enterprise mobility with best practices that have been developed in conjunction with enterprises like yours.

The Explosion of Smartphones and Tablets Creates Risks that OVATION Wireless Management Solves

The increase in regulations such as GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, Gramm-Leach-Bliley and rapidly growing state laws have created an environment where enterprises must have firm control over their employees' personal information as well as their mobile connected devices or risk paying a very, very high price. OVATION Wireless Management can provide you with the peace-of-mind knowing that policy enforcement via GDPR compliant reporting along with Mobile Device Management (MDM) and end-user support are always active to mitigate the risks associated with your mobile enterprise.

Enterprise Mobility ManagementIn addition, the rapid growth of 5G enabled Tablets and Smartphones as well as Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine-to-Machine (M2M) devices in the enterprise, has resulted in an exponential increase  wireless data usage. Without a comprehensive wireless optimization program, you will quickly find that wireless service costs will spiral out of control. OVATION has the industry's most comprehensive wireless optimization solution that combines the power of a global GDPR compliant reporting software and analytics tool. OVATION's staff of industry experts have over 750 years of combined wireless industry experience that significantly reduces the total cost of ownership of your mobile enterprise.


New technologies are often not adopted immediately due to the challenges of educating your workforce. OVATION eliminates this challenge when deploying new mobile technologies by providing comprehensive education and support services. OVATION's mobility support provides assistance that is free of industry jargon and simple in its delivery. Therefore your mobile connected workforce will quickly ramp up on the latest productivity enhancing technologies that you are deploying.

Enterprises rely on OVATION's people, processes and technology solutions each day in order to ensure a secure, efficient and productive mobile connected workforce.

Comprehensive iOS Management, Android Management and Windows Management

OVATION provides the wireless industry's most comprehensive platform and services that eliminate the challenges of the rapid rate-of-change of enterprise mobility. OVATION delivers the visibility and control required to effectively manage a mobile connected workforce and their corresponding devices, applications and services. Managing a diverse mobile device ecosystem requires that you ensure operating systems are up to date in order to deliver security and control. OVATION Wireless managed MDM program can help you keep your wireless enterprise secure and in compliance with policies that required that passwords are utilized and that mobile devices are in an approved state.

BYOD Program Management

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) programs have proliferated across enterprises on a global basis. This trend is not slowing as more and more employees are embracing mobility in their personal lives and requesting that their employers give them access to enterprise systems on their personal mobile devices. Setting up a BYOD program is not a trivial task and if you have not planned a BYOD management solution it can be a slippery slope to a data breach.

OVATION Wireless comprehensive BYOD framework and management solution eliminates the data risks and contains costs while delivering the productivity gains that BYOD promises. From determining the correct class of employee that qualifies for the BYOD program, the BYOD policy, the service levels and the approved device set and controls, OVATION helps you establish and maintain a BYOD program that delivers on enterprise objectives while satisfying employees.

Managing a Global Mobile Enterprise

The complexities of the mobile enterprise are multiplied when you have a multi-country or global footprint. OVATION's solutions deliver 24/7 support and services to address the needs of a mobile connected and globally distributed workforce. Our expertise in the global wireless carrier ecosystem, 24/7 end-user and administrative support as well as our managed MDM solutions give us a unique capability to support your global enterprise. your wireless population.

Our Management Services Include: