Carrier Negotiations
Carrier Negotiations

OVATION Wireless is Your Trusted Advisor for Negotiating
Wireless Carrier Agreements

With Over 750 Years of Wireless Carrier Experience, OVATION Consistently Delivers 20 - 40% Wireless Savings from Deep Domain Expertise, Market Insight and Advanced Technology

OVATION's wireless carrier negotiation experts give you the advantage when negotiating your wireless carrier agreements. OVATION Wireless approach to carrier negotiations eliminates the complexity of the wireless landscape and ensures a highly efficient mix of carriers and services.

OVATION's Wireless Carrier Negotiation service includes:

  • Wireless services RFP and RFI development and management
  • Wireless services usage analysis and book-of-business development
  • Wireless carrier contract review and benchmark assessment
  • Cross-carrier optimization analysis that match the very best services and rate plans to the exact needs of your mobile connected workforce
  • Carrier coverage analysis that aligns the coverage needs of the enterprise with the carriers that are most capable of meeting those needs

Comprehensive Wireless Carrier Market Insight

With the combination of advanced analytics and rate plan data combined with OVATION's strong carrier relationships and expertise helps you establish a position of strength. OVATION Wireless Management software, Magellan, powers our robust set of wireless enterprise market intelligence which helps you achieve the greatest efficiency while ensuring your employees have the depth of services required to be productive. You will benefit from OVATION's constant insight into market shifts and changes with regard to wireless rate plans, terms and conditions.

OVATION's Advanced Analytics bring Clarity to Wireless Carrier Offers:

The carrier offers come in many flavors, but which is the most cost effective? Which will you be able to effectively manage over time? What would your enterprise's exact demand set cost on another carrier? Would your roaming expenses increase if moved to another carrier? Exactly which users will be affected? These questions and more must be addressed during the course of the carrier selection process. At OVATION we help simplify the process, eliminate the confusion and bring clarity to each carrier proposal.

OVATION Wireless Gives You the Advantage in Wireless Carrier Negotiations

OVATION provides the industry's most comprehensive, proven and effective set of resources that deliver unparalleled market insight:

Negotiating with the Best Feature Set for Your Mobile Connected Workforce

Not only do you want to get the lowest price but you need to make sure that your mobile connected workforce has the exact services that they need to be productive in their roles. We help dial-in on the exact needs of your mobile connected workforce and align the best set of wireless services with those needs.

Wireless Coverage is Still a Factor

Even though you equip your employees with the services and devices that they need, if they don't have service in their area then productivity is lost. With most enterprise deploying web applications and moving legacy systems to the cloud, it is imperative that your mobile workforce has the wireless coverage necessary to get the job done.

OVATION provides insight into carrier coverage and simplifies the process of choosing which carriers to include in RFPs based on where your mobile workforce conducts business.

Controlling International Wireless Usage and Rates

For some wireless enterprise accounts, international costs approach 50% of total service charges. Service availability and costs for international roaming and long distance vary widely by carrier. OVATION's international evaluation offers true insight into not only availability of coverage, but also comparative costs based on usage. Selecting the correct carrier, device and plan selection for international travelers can be a critical wireless decision for many companies wanting to contain wireless expense.

OVATION's comprehensive market insight, based on years of work with some of the largest enterprises in the work, delivers benefits that drive greater efficiencies from multiple data points that include comparative device costs between carrier proposals.

Deep Wireless Carrier Domain Expertise

The OVATION Professional Services team possesses unparalleled experience and domain expertise in the Wireless Enterprise Strategic Sourcing arena.The team is comprised of former wireless carrier executives and professionals that have many years experience providing proposals to enterprise customers. They have a deep understanding of how carriers view the opportunity and help you achieve significant cost savings and strong wireless carrier relationships.