Policy Development
Policy Development

Effective Mobile Enterprise Governance is Instrumental in Securing Your Wireless Enterprise; and that Begins with Your Enterprise Wireless Policy

OVATION Wireless Management Develops Best-In-Class Wireless Policies

With Internet of Things (IoT), 5G enabled devices, Machine to Machine (M2M), WI-FI connectivity, removable storage, applications, services and the rapid growth of connected devices, it is more important than ever to ensure that your mobile connected enterprise is secure.

A Wireless Policy that Works for All Types of Mobile Users

As a best practice, OVATION begins the wireless policy development process by defining the different types of wireless users in your enterprise. Typically an enterprise will have anywhere between 4 and 10 different types of users that need specific policy guidelines to help improve their productivity while securing the mobile enterprise.

OVATION Wireless Management Develops Wireless Policies that Address Critical Governance Considerations

Securing Mobile Devices, Applications, Data and Networks

Data breaches can be devastating to an enterprise and therefore your wireless policy should address the key factors of security. OVATION Wireless Management takes comprehensive approach to addressing mobile security in wireless policies. From defining corporate data access and device and application controls to defining secure SSIDs and strong encryption and authentication protocols, your wireless policy is the critical first step in fortifying your mobile connected enterprise.

Not all employees are treated equal when it comes to corporate data, network and service access. Defining which employees need access to corporate data, networks and services not only help you mitigate risks but also are important to creating efficiencies and reducing wireless service costs.

Defining the Device, Service, Application, Accessories, Data Access, Usage and Support Levels

OVATION's highly effective governance models help align the best mix of mobile assets, services and support to each employee type in order to maximize the productivity of each employee.

There are a multitude of considerations that need to be addressed when equipping a mobile connected workforce with smartphones, tablets and the corresponding services and accessories. Field force employees often need ruggedized devices to deal with harsh environmental conditions. Mobile connected employees that directly impact the bottom-line warrant access to 24x7x365 expert support. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) employees need to clearly understand what and how they're allowed to access corporate resources with their mobile devices.

OVATION helps you address all of the critical variables with your wireless policy that is the foundation of effective mobile enterprise governance.

Enterprise Wireless Policies are Living Documents that Evolve Over Time

OVATION's innovative policy development process defines the key mobile constituents and facilitates the process of evolving the wireless policy over time to address the rapid evolution of wireless technologies and user needs.

Static wireless policies are typically outdated within 6 months of being published. Therefore it is a best practice to establish an effective review, update and communication process.

Enterprise Wireless Policy Implementation, Communication and Management

Wireless policies should be a proactive component of your wireless governance strategy a fire-and-forget approach to wireless policy management is ineffective in achieving wireless governance objectives. OVATION's proactive implementation, communication, management and systematic enforcement eliminates the negative response to heavy-handed responses to violations while also ensuring that enterprise security and efficient usage is top-of-mind.

We often find that proper insight into the behavior patterns of your wireless users will highlight the need for new or improved wireless policies within your organization. Through our telecom consulting, OVATION will help you develop and manage your wireless policies to ensure proper adherence across the enterprise.

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