OVATION Wireless Enterprise Reporting

The process of managing a mobile connected workforce and the smartphones, tablets and applications require comprehensive visibility in order to drive efficiencies, ensure corporate smartphone and tablet policy compliance and prevent threats from lost or stolen devices.

Mobile Device ReportingOVATION Wireless Management provides IT organizations with unprecedented visibility into the state of their mobile enterprise with a reporting suite that delivers the exact data that you need to effectively administer Smartphones and tablets deployed across a distributed mobile connected workforce.

Smartphone and Tablet Reporting for Your Enterprise

While Mobile Device Management (MDM) platforms are a best practice and required component of a mobile enterprise, MDM solutions provide the policy compliance and reporting regarding the state of your mobile devices. The MDM reporting falls short of delivering a comprehensive view that enables management of the usage and the ability to reduce the total cost of ownership of your mobile enterprise. In order to capture a complete picture of your mobile enterprise, increase efficiencies and effectively manage all aspects of mobile devices, enterprises must compile multiple data feeds from several sources such as wireless carriers, MDM platforms, app stores, location based services and often from the devices themselves.

Magellan, a proprietary software platform developed by OVATION, captures all the data from the disparate wireless sources, such as wireless carriers, Microsoft Active Directory, MDM platforms and more, and compiles it into a format that can be utilized by its powerful wireless rate plan optimization engine to deliver a highly efficient mobility program. In addition, Magellan generates a wide variety of reports and views that provide on-going optimization opportunities that are essential in reducing costs and achieving your mobile enterprise goals.

Within Magellan, OVATION compiles all the data from your company's smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices and aligns it with your corporate hierarchy. This provides complete visibility and management capabilities, including device security, wireless policy, wireless usage, text messaging usage, wireless feature utilization, wireless spend, cost allocation, directory assistance usage, toll-free number usage, international usage and off-hour usage.

OVATION's Mobile Enterprise Reports include:

  • Executive Historical Dashboard
  • Recommendations Dashboard
  • Logging and Reporting of Device Status
  • Reporting of Device Policy Compliance
  • Total Expense Trend
  • Highest Voice Users
  • Highest Cost Users
  • Effective Rate Per Kilabyte (ERPKB)
  • Top Minute Users
  • Top Data Users
  • Average Total Cost Per User
  • Carrier & Account Filtering
  • Data and Text Usage Reports
  • Feature Expenses
  • Application Expenses
  • International Roaming Charges

OVATION Wireless Management: So Much More Than Just Wireless Expense Management Software

Many TEM vendors simply provide access to their web-based software and then you are on your own. When working with OVATION, you and your staff are provided with a team of trusted mobile enterprise advisors, with over 750 years of wireless carrier experience. OVATION's team helps turn the reports into knowledge and apply it to your mobile enterprise.OVATION's enterprise wireless experts make recommendations based on years of experience and proven results. The team at OVATION has worked with some of the largest, global enterprises across a multitude of industries.

Contact OVATION for a partner that will work with your team to deliver the visibility and control over your mobile enterprise.