Mobile Device Management (MDM) for a Secure Mobile Enterprise.

The growth of mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) in the enterprise, as a result of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and enterprise mobility initiatives, has resulted in significant productivity gains as well as mobile device and corporate data security concerns. While the emergence of Mobile Device Management software has created some solutions to help solve some of the security issues, the number of MDM solutions has also created complexity and confusion. Mobile Device Management software offers a wide range of security options and features that can help enable your mobile connected workforce while securing your corporate data. Mobile Device Management features and options include:
  • Client Based and Server Based Mobile Device Management
  • Multiple Personas
  • Containerized Security
  • Device Controls
  • Application Controls
  • Over-The-Air Firmware Updates (OTA)
  • Location-Based Controls
  • Enterprise App Stores

OVATION Wireless Mobile Device Management Solutions Eliminate the Complexity of Securing Your Mobile Enterprise

OVATION Wireless Mobile Device Management solutions start with a comprehensive evaluation of your mobile enterprise, security requirements, end-user needs and overall mobility objectives. In some cases a single mobile device management software offering will not fulfill all of theMobile Device Management security requirements in a single enterprise. For example, if you have mobile connected employees that require access to highly secure data then your Mobile Device Management solution will need to include powerful security controls to ensure enterprise data integrity and regulatory compliance. However, for employees that are not accessing highly sensitive data you will want a mobile device management client and server option that enables end-users to utilize their preferred native device interfaces. It is important to strike the right balance of enabling employees while ensuring that corporate data will not be compromised. Also, when developing the levels of security for each mobile employee profile, it is important to evaluate their access to confidential information. Email alone, more often than not, houses a high volume of confidential corporate data and therefore warrants security controls on mobile devices that mitigate the risks of lost or stolen devices.

OVATION MDM as a Service

OVATION Wireless Mobile Device Management includes an option that simplifies the deployment, management and security of your mobile devices. OVATION Wireless' MDM as a Service eliminates the complexity of managing mobile device management software and mobile device management servers by outsourcing that to the experts at OVATION. With Mobile Device Management as a Service, OVATION supplements your IT organization and helps align the very best solution with the exact needs of each type of employee in your enterprise. OVATION Wireless' expert administrators can manage your mobile device management software and remotely manage your MDM servers cost effectively. Therefore, our teams are standing-by when your employees need us most in order ensure that mobile devices are wiped and/or locked, password resets, device and application support which results in a more productive and satisfied mobile connected workforce. In addition, OVATION can help setup and manage your enterprise app store with the mobile device management platforms that best meet your needs.