Wireless Expense Management Based on Comprehensive Wireless Optimization Will Significantly Reduce the Total Cost of Ownership of Your Mobile Enterprise.

The proliferation of wireless devices in the enterprise has resulted in wireless telecom expense becoming one of the fastest growing and largest IT costs. Wireless expense management powered by wireless optimization is integral for eliminating the 20 to 40+ % in over-spending on wireless services that plagues enterprises due to misalignment and the complex nature of consumer, business, individual and pooled wireless rate plans. Furthermore, the ongoing management of shared data plans complicates the rate plan landscape, and without wireless data optimization, you could be drastically over paying.

Wireless OptimizationOVATION's wireless expense management ensures an efficient and sustainable enterprise wireless ecosystem by aligning all the components of your mobility program based on end-user needs and efficiency. The groundwork for wireless expense management starts with developing different classes of employees based on their exact wireless needs and their job function. Once it has been determined that a certain class of employee needs voice, data and texting services then wireless optimization is applied to ensure, that on an ongoing basis, the rate plan or pooled/shared plan delivers on the exact needs of the end-users without costly overage charges or purchasing more services than needed. OVATION's wireless expense management and wireless optimization starts with a baseline of usage that we capture from your wireless carriers. Once the wireless billing data is processed with our sophisticated analytics software, called Magellan, then our experts evaluate each opportunity to eliminate excess expense based on each end-user, each pool and then aggregated into your whole enterprise.

Wireless Expense Management Requires More Than Just Software

With over 750 years of direct wireless industry experience, OVATION wireless expense management achieves greater cost savings than Telecom Expense Management (TEM) software alone. OVATION begins the wireless optimization process with its sophisticated Magellan software, which is an intelligent system, which assesses wireless usage and then finds the best rate plan from a comprehensive rate plan database. However, the software analytics is just the first phase of OVATION's wireless optimization process. After analyzing the wireless usage with Magellan and matching to the most cost effective rate plans, OVATION wireless analysts leave no stone unturned by walking through a comprehensive assessment that focuses on a deeper analytics including feature distribution and utilization, promotions and incentives and carrier alignment that typically yields an additional 5% to 20% savings. OVATION's granular assess delivers the industry's best wireless voice optimization, wireless data optimization and wireless feature optimization resulting in a highly efficient mobile enterprise.

The reporting provided with OVATION's comprehensive wireless expense management and wireless optimization gives you complete visibility and control over your mobile enterprise.

  • Executive Historical Dashboard
  • Recommendations Dashboard
  • Total Expense Trend
  • Highest Airtime Users
  • Highest Cost Users
  • Effective Data Rate Per MB and GB 
  • Top Minute Users
  • Top Data Users
  • Average Total Cost Per User
  • Carrier & Account Filtering
  • Data and Text Usage Reports
  • Feature Expenses
  • Recommendations For All Changes
  • International Roaming Charges

OVATION's Wireless Expense Management and Wireless Optimization Benefit Your Mobile Enterprise Beyond Cost Savings

OVATION's Seamless Wireless Cost Allocation

The advent of pooled and shared rate plans has created opportunities to drive significant cost savings for enterprises but has also created cost allocation nightmares. OVATION's wireless expense management eliminates these administrative challenges by ensuring that each user and each department is billed for their exact usage.

Proactive Rate Plan Administration and Management

OVATION's dedicated customer care team works with you and your preferred wireless providers to implement the most cost effective rate plan changes. Your OVATION Wireless team coordinates rate plan changes and constantly keeps you abreast of the latest rate plan, carrier and usage information. Comprehensive reporting provides you with cost savings and utilization data.

Telecom Expense Management RFP or RFQ Development

If you are in the market for a telecom expense management solution, plan on developing a telecom expense management RFP and wireless is a significant component of your overall telecom spend then OVATION Wireless can help. Our unsurpassed wireless knowledge has helped countless enterprises and therefore we can help you understand what you should consider including in a wireless expense management RFP.
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