Data Optimization
Data Optimization

The Growth of Smartphones and Tablets in the Enterprise has Resulted in the Exponential Increase in Wireless Data Expense. OVATION Wireless Management Solves this Problem by Dramatically Reducing Your Wireless Data Expenses with a Proprietary Data Optimization Process.

Data optimization plans have now overtaken voice as the number one expense on enterprise billing for all corporations and this is no surprise given the explosion in Smartphones and data applications that are currently available in the marketplace. Most enterprises are increasing their wireless data initiatives because the return-on-investment can be dramatic and the breadth of benefits of data access on the edge of the enterprise has increased significantly. In order to ensure wireless data ROI and an efficient mobile enterprise, OVATION Wireless utilizes sophisticated wireless optimization software as well as more than 750 years of wireless carrier experience. As a best practice, OVATION Wireless and Data optimization analysts deliver more granular alignment of rate plans to user needs, than just TEM software alone, and help reduce excess wireless data expense by as much as 45+ %.

There are several growth trends that are driving the utilization of wireless data. According to Cisco Systems, global data center traffic is projected to quadruple in the next few years. Enterprises have taken full advantage of the cloud by efficiently deploying custom enterprise applications. The mobile connected workforce access these enterprise apps in the cloud via tablets and Smartphones with wireless data services. In addition, enterprise mobile application growth remains robust. Customer relationship management, collaborative applications and social software downloads via app stores has grown exponentially. These trends are leading to significant increases in wireless data expense. OVATION Wireless's data optimization plan technology and experts ensure that wireless data expense doesn't grow out of control.

The Evolution of Wireless Data Plans Leads and the Emergence of Shared Data Plans Leads to Out-of-Control Wireless Data Expense and Increased Need for Wireless and Data Optimization

Just as wireless data has exceeded wireless voice spend in the enterprise; the wireless carriersData Plan Optimization change the wireless data rate plan landscape in order to maximize their revenue opportunity. With the emergence of shared data plans, and throttling of data speeds by carriers, this has resulted in unpredictable wireless performance and data expenses. OVATION Wireless eliminates unpredictable wireless data expenses by aligning the most efficient wireless data plans with the exact needs of end-users in your enterprise.

OVATION Wireless rate plan optimization creates and assesses an employee's historical wireless data usage against the data rate plans offered by your company's preferred carrier(s). After our proprietary optimization assessment, OVATION recommends the plan resulting in the greatest cost savings. OVATION's wireless expense management slashes the cost of wireless data services in the enterprise.

The emergence of shared wireless data plans also means that enterprises can take advantage of OVATION Wireless shared rate plan optimization to achieve the greatest wireless efficiencies. Employers also benefit from OVATION's wireless cost allocation that ensures each end-user and department pays for their exact wireless data utilization.

Enterprises Planning Mobile Application Initiatives that will be Deployed on Smartphones and Tablets Need to Include OVATION's Wireless Expense Management to Ensure they Do Not Break Their Budgets.

With the proliferation of smart devices, Machine to Machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) devices, mobile enablement of employees is as important a priority for enterprises as connecting with customers via mobile devices. Deploying native applications, on Smartphones and Tablets, can significantly increase wireless data expense that can spiral out of control. OVATION's wireless expense management reduces mobile data expense and sustains wireless data spending at their most efficient levels. OVATION's data plan optimization also helps free up budget to continue to develop or enhance CRM, collaboration and location-based mobile apps by ensuring that you're not overpaying for wireless data services.

Wireless Expense Management Requires More Than Just Software

With over 750 years of direct wireless industry experience, OVATION's wireless expense management achieves greater cost savings than Telecom Expense Management (TEM) software alone. OVATION begins the wireless optimization process with its sophisticated Magellan software, which is an intelligent system, which assesses wireless usage and then finds the best rate plan from a comprehensive rate plan database. However, the software analytics is just the first phase of OVATION's data plan optimization process. After analyzing the wireless usage with Magellan and matching to the most cost effective rate plans, OVATION wireless analysts leave no stone unturned by walking through a comprehensive assessment that focuses on a deeper analytics including feature distribution and utilization, promotions and incentives and carrier alignment that typically yields an additional 5% to 20% savings. OVATION's granular assess delivers the industry's best wireless voice optimization, wireless data optimization and wireless feature optimization resulting in a highly efficient mobile enterprise.

The reporting provided with OVATION's comprehensive wireless expense management and wireless optimization gives you complete visibility and control over your mobile enterprise.

  • Executive Historical Dashboard
  • Recommendations Dashboard
  • Total Expense Trend
  • Highest Airtime Users
  • Highest Cost Users
  • Effective Data Rate Per MB and GB
  • Top Minute Users
  • Top Data Users
  • Average Total Cost Per User
  • Carrier & Account Filtering
  • Data and Text Usage Reports
  • Feature Expenses
  • Recommendations For All Changes
  • International Roaming Charges

OVATION Consultants Deliver Mobile Data Best Practices to Ensure and Efficient Mobile Enterprise.

When enterprises are developing their wireless data strategy and mobile application initiatives, it is critical to develop a strategy for an efficient and sustainable mobile enterprise. Wireless telecom expense can spiral out of control when deploying native mobile applications to Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) users. Therefore, it is important that your mobile device management app store and platform delivers efficient access controls. OVATION works with and supports the leading mobile device management platforms to deliver the best configuration and rule-set for your mobile initiatives.

OVATION is Your Trusted Advisor for Deploying Efficient Wireless Data Programs and Slashing the Total Cost of Ownership of the Mobile Enterprise.

Enterprises rely on OVATION's wireless application and mobile device expertise, wireless expense management, mobile device management and wireless support services to eliminate the excess costs of enterprise wireless data initiatives. Not only does OVATION deliver efficiencies by slashing the wireless telecom expense with wireless rate plan optimization, but OVATION helps minimize employee downtime with expert wireless help desk support.

Contact OVATION for a partner that will work with your team to develop the most cost effective support and optimization services to support your wireless data initiatives.