Features Optimization
Features Optimization

The Management of Wireless
Rate Plans Can Become Complex when Considering the Optional Features and Services that can Quickly Cause Your Wireless Spend to Spiral Out-Of-Control.

OVATION Wireless Management's State-Of-The-Art Wireless and Features Optimization Eliminates the Risk of Unnecessary Wireless Features and Services from Driving-Up Your Wireless Costs.

Wireless carriers have added a multitude of optional features and services in order to drive-up their average revenue per user per month at your expense. As an example, a major carrier lists 47 optional features and services that can be added to a plan.

Optional features and services include roadside assistance and insurance to spam controls and mobile hotspot capabilities that can add between a few cents to more than $20 per user per month.  OVATION Wireless Management provides comprehensive controls and reviews the monthly usage and billing detail of your mobile connected workforce to ensure that the features associated with their plans are approved and not contributing to over-spending on wireless services.

Wireless Experts From OVATION Wireless Management Help You Define an Approved Wireless Feature-Set by Employee Type to Improve Productivity While Controlling Your Wireless Expense.

OVATION's team of enterprise mobility experts work with you to define the approved feature set for each employee type in order to make sure that your employees are productive.  At OVATION, we help you define different employee types based on their role and apply the best wireless features optimization that will contribute to their productivity.  Then, each month we will monitor the feature set to ensure no additional, unapproved features are added to your plans. Unlike most telecom expense providers that take a broad brush approach with only software, OVATION provides a more comprehensive approach that yields greater cost savings by leveraging more than 750 years of wireless carrier experience and granular management from our enterprise mobility experts.

Mobile Workers Left to Their Own Devices Often Results in Overspending. BYOD Controls are Critical to Prevent Overspending on Wireless Features and Misaligned Rate Plans.

A recent Cisco IBSG Horizon's study indicated that 95% of organizations are allowing employee-owned Smartphones and Tablets to augment their corporate liable program.  While this can be a benefit in the form of increased productivity, it is imperative to ensure that the appropriate controls are in place to prevent overspending on wireless features and excess services.  OVATION Wireless Management can help you establish your BYOD  policies and identify employees that should be categorized as corporate liable due to the nature of their work, access to corporate data and require specific features to maintain their productivity.

The Growth of Wireless Data is One of the Primary Factors Leading to Excess Features Resulting in Enterprises Overpaying for Wireless Services.

Many of the latest features and plan add-ons are leveraging data connectivity in order to enhance the user experience even though it is not warranted for driving employee productivity.  Companies often don't scrutinize their wireless bills or let a software TEM provider manage the process which often results in overspending of 10% to 30% due to excess and unnecessary features being billed to the account. OVATION's wireless expense management and rate plan optimization solutions will prevent excess data plan features from being added to your rate plans and increasing your costs.