Text Messaging Optimization
Text Messaging Optimization

OVATION Wireless Text Messaging Optimization Eliminates Text Messaging Overage Fees and Helps Maintain an Efficient and Sustainable Mobile Enterprise

Text Messaging, Premium Text Messaging, Text Alerts and Instant Messaging services fees are often overlooked by IT organizations when they're planning and budgeting for their mobile connected workforce. Without OVATION's wireless telecom expense services, including text messaging optimization, IT organizations can quickly find thousands of dollars in text messaging overage fees cutting into their mobile IT return-on-investment (ROI). If left unchecked most employers discover that international text messaging fees, picture messaging, premium text messaging fees and text messaging overage fees range from $0.15 each to as much as $9.99 or more depending on the premium text messaging service.

OVATION's text messaging optimization not only ensures that the appropriate employees are on the correct plans with the most efficient text messaging rates based on their usage, but it also identifies when employees are not abiding by your wireless policy and your corporate text messaging guidelines.

Cultural Shifts in Corporate America Lead to Increased Text Messaging Usage and Overage Fees

Generation Y and Millennials have grown-up with cell phones and Smartphones in their hands and are accustomed to having text messaging capabilities. It is not uncommon for corporate workers from these generations to use more text messages than voice minutes. As a best practice, OVATION helps IT organizations define and implement policies that enable text messaging based on the end-user's position and the value that text messaging can deliver.

OVATION Helps Eliminate Excess Text Messaging Expense with Text Messaging Optimization and Wireless Optimization that is Unsurpassed in the Industry

OVATION's wireless expense management and rate plan optimization tracks text messaging usage and charges each month and aligns the most efficient text messaging plans offered by your company's preferred carrier(s) with the needs of each employee in order to achieve the greatest savings. OVATION tracks text messaging expenses at a granular level, including international text messaging charges, text messaging overage charges, picture messaging, and premium text messaging charges and eliminates the waste and unnecessary expense.

With over 300 years of wireless carrier experience, OVATION has deep carrier relationships and will implement the rate plan changes on behalf of your enterprise. OVATION will then track your wireless billing to ensure that the wireless carriers have accurately implemented the rate plan changes. This step eliminate the administrative burden on IT organizations and letting you concentrate on how to gain a competitive advantage with wireless technology.

Additionally, OVATION will provide monthly reports on text messaging usage and highlight usage that falls outside of your corporate usage policy.