Wireless Optimization
Wireless Optimization

Wireless Rate Plan Optimization is a Cornerstone of Effective Wireless Expense Management Resulting in an Efficient Mobile Enterprise

While 2012 marked the first year that wireless data spending outpaced wireless voice spending, wireless expenditures for voice services still exceeded $92 billion in spend.

With the recent growth of the mobile enterprise, focused on leveraging the benefits of wireless data in giving employees on the edge access to mission critical data to better serve customers, many IT organizations fail to keep-up with managing the dynamic variables associated with wireless voice. As a result of not proactively managing the wireless voice spend, enterprises often pay 20 to 40+ % more than enterprises that are best-in-class in leveraging wireless expense management to contain and reduce the total-cost-of-ownership (TCO) of the mobile enterprise.

Industry Leading Wireless Rate Plan Optimization

OVATION Wireless helps enterprises eliminate excess wireless spend with a combination of advanced analytics software and expert rate plan analysts that ensure the most efficient alignment of rate plans to your enterprise usage. Unlike most telecom expense providers that take a broad brush approach with only software, OVATION provides a more comprehensive approach that yields greater cost savings by leveraging more than 750 years of wireless carrier experience.

OVATION Wireless' rate plan optimization creates and assesses an employee's historical wireless usage against the voice and data rate plans offered by your company's preferred carrier(s). After proprietary optimization assessment, OVATION recommends the best plans resulting in the greatest cost savings.

OVATION Wireless' Six Steps for Best-In-Class Wireless Expense Management and Reducing Wireless Expense

Step 1: OVATION begins the wireless optimization process with its proprietary Magellan software, which is an intelligent system, which assesses wireless usage and then finds the best rate plan from a comprehensive rate plan database. Magellan's predictive capabilities highlight features and projected savings and tracks savings for plan changes over time.

Step 2: After analyzing the wireless usage with Magellan and matching to the most cost effective rate plans, OVATION wireless analysts leave no stone unturned by walking through a comprehensive assessment that focuses on a deeper analytics including feature distribution and utilization, promotions and incentives and carrier alignment that typically yields a 20 to 40+ % annual savings for mobile expenses.

Step 3: OVATION Wireless provides your wireless users, managers and administrators with complete visibility into the rate plan recommendations to ensure that the changes will be effectively aligned with future usage. If an end-user has international travel planned then OVATION's expert rate plan analysts will ensure that this is taken into account and a plan that would minimize international roaming costs would be applied to that user.

Step 4: With over 750 years of wireless carrier experience, OVATION has deep carrier relationships and will implement the rate plan changes on behalf of your enterprise. OVATION will then track your wireless billing to ensure that the wireless carriers have accurately implemented the rate plan changes. This step eliminates the administrative burden on IT organizations and helps organizations concentrate on how to gain a competitive advantage with wireless technology.

Step 5: In order to deliver the most efficient and sustainable mobile enterprise OVATION frequently creates groups based on usage that are not in alignment with enterprise cost centers. OVATION Wireless solves this problem by allocating the exact expense for each user in each cost center so every user and department is accurately billed for their usage.

Step 6: Because wireless usage and wireless carrier rate plans are dynamic, OVATION Wireless provides on-going wireless expense management to ensure that you maintain a highly efficient wireless enterprise. IT organizations that implement only a one-time wireless rate plan and voice optimization often find that their costs increase 5% to 20% within three to six months because of this rapidly shifting landscape.

OVATION's dedicated wireless expense management team constantly keeps IT administrators abreast of the latest rate plans, carrier and usage information. Monthly reports provide a simple gauge of the effectiveness, over time, of OVATION's customer-proven advanced wireless  optimization technology.

OVATION Wireless' Best-In-Class Wireless Expense Management and Wireless Rate Plan Optimization

OVATION's wireless expense management slashes the cost of wireless services in the enterprise. Our industry leading wireless and voice optimization includes:

  • Objective Wireless Carrier Review
  • Wireless Asset Tracking
  • Elimination or Suspension of Zero-Use Accounts
  • Individual & Pool Plan Optimization
  • Advanced Usage Analytics and Reporting
  • Alignment with the Most Efficient Plans, Including Promotional Plans, Incentives and Grandfathered Plans
  • Automated Cost Allocation by User, Department and Cost Center
  • Dedicated Rate Plan Analysts that Deliver Greater Savings than Software Alone
  • Wireless Rate Plan Changes Implemented with Your Wireless Carriers
  • Complete Visibility and Control Over Wireless Rate Plan Changes
  • Comprehensive Wireless Expense Reporting
  • On-going Wireless Rate Plan Optimization to Ensure an Efficient and Sustainable Mobile Enterprise