OTT- is Your Mobile Enterprise Ready for These Three Letters?

OTT- is Your Mobile Enterprise Ready for These Three Letters?

OTT- is Your Mobile Enterprise Ready for These Three Letters?

While we have previously published blog posts on the correlation between increasing Smartphone screen size and wireless data usage, this post is dedicated to a related topic on the high growth of online video consumption on mobile.

The Impact of OTT on Your Mobile Data

What is OTT? OTT stands for Over-The-Top which is referring to consuming video over the top of broadband networks.With mobile being the platform of choice for the OTT consumer, the growth in wireless data consumption is set to grow exponentially.According to an eMarketer, McKinsey iConsumer survey, in 2014, mobile was the fastest growing platform for consuming video with a 50% increase over the previous year.

Depending on the make-up of your mobile connected workforce, you could see a dramatic jump in your wireless data costs due to OTT video consumption. Most major media companies have shifted, or are shifting, to digital distribution with a focus on mobile devices.Therefore, your mobile connected workers can easily access their desired content on their corporate liable mobile devices. Smartphones with screens that are 4.5 inches or larger have shown an increase from 5.0 GB to 7.2 GB per month and that number is projected to increase significantly. With 4G providing adequate download speeds for video consumption, you’ll want to make sure that your enterprise wireless policy is up to date and governs the consumption of video on corporate liable mobile devices as well as the Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) expense policy. One misstep by an employee could result in significant wireless data overage charges. Therefore, it is imperative that you monitor wireless data consumption rates and notify employees of usage thresholds to manage their behavior.

Another issue with OTT, is the increase in the number of Wi-Fi connections that your employees will utilize to access their favorite content. Therefore, you need to make sure that their Smartphone security profile is set to mitigate unsecured Wi-Fi threat vectors. In addition, you need to be able to monitor and manage these devices when they connect to your corporate Wi-Fi networks and the impact to these networks of consuming OTT video.

The OTT Generation

Increased Data Usage

Increased Data Usage

According to a recent study by Limelight Networks, Millennials are leading the shift to OTT video. Their report states that on average Millennials view 4 to 7 hours of online video a week which was twice that of the other age groups. Therefore, if your mobile connected workforce is made-up of Millennials then you will need to have a greater sense of urgency to address the impact of this high growth trend on your mobile enterprise. Millennials reached young adulthood around the year 2000 and have grown-up with Smartphones and tablets and view these devices as critical for their jobs and personal lives.



Why You Should Consider Equipping Employees with the Latest iPhone

While Millennials can present challenges when it comes to enterprise mobility management, you can also leverage their affinity to mobile to drive deeper engagement and productivity. Offering Millennials a robust set of mobile capabilities will enhance their engagement, work ethic and productivity. Taking a comprehensive approach to your workforce and enabling corporate liable and BYOD enabled employees to access the best Smartphones and Tablets can pay dividends. Equipping employees with the latest Smartphones, like the iPhone 6 and Galaxy S6 , not only increases their excitement and loyalty to your company, but it can also be a good financial decision because these devices retain their value and can be sold to offset the capital expense of a device refresh after 18 months to two years. With wireless carrier subsidies continuing to shrink, the end-of-life value of the devices is becoming much more important to the enterprise mobile strategy.

The OTT Ecosystem Continues to Evolve

With Verizon’s purchase of AOL and the large growth in OTT mobile apps and offerings, the OTT ecosystem for mobile continues to mature and evolve and will impact your mobile enterprise. Make sure that you are ready with a smart strategy that reinforces the right behavior with your mobile connected employees while mitigating the potential cost impact due to increase in wireless data consumption. There are opportunities to leverage OTT to your advantage, drive employee engagement and productivity and beat your competitors. We recommend establishing an OTT council within your enterprise to evaluate and create a strategy to address this high growth trend.

OVATION Wireless Management and OTT Video

At OVATION we help companies manage the impact of OTT video on their mobile connected workforces. From mobile policy development and wireless data rate plan optimization to equipping corporate liable and BYOD employees with the best Smartphones and tablets based on their role in the company and providing expert support, OVATION helps manage hundreds of thousands of mobile devices for some of the world’s largest enterprises. To learn more about our industry leading strategies and platform for addressing OTT video consumption on mobile devices, please contact us.