OVATION Wireless Management Expands in Cornelius NC

OVATION Wireless Management Expands in Cornelius NC

OVATION Wireless Management Expands in Cornelius NC

OVATION Wireless Management Expands in Cornelius (Approaches $3 Million in Sales)

September 2, 2009 – OVATION Wireless Management, Inc., a privately owned wireless expense management company headquartered in Cornelius, North Carolina, continues expanding its client and employee base and expects to reach a $3 million sales benchmark by year-end 2009.

“The Town of Cornelius is delighted to have a flourishing, entrepreneurial company like OVATION in our community,” says Mayor Jeff Tarte. “Companies like OVATION are an integral part of maintaining high-caliber jobs and a healthy tax base,” adds Tarte. “Expanding companies like OVATION Wireless Management are the future of the Cornelius-Davidson-Huntersville region,” says Craig Norfolk, Chairman, Lake Norman Regional Economic Development Corporation. “Helping existing companies grow is very important to the financial health of local communities, which is why a constant focus on economic development in our region is so vital.”

Founded in 2002 by veteran wireless carrier senior managers Rex Greer, Lee Newman and Randall Light, OVATION Wireless Management started operations in a 1,000 square-foot rental house in Charlotte. OVATION then purchased and relocated to another historic house in Cornelius in 2005 and recently expanded into 10,000 square feet the company now owns. “We’re trying to grow in a controlled fashion,” says Randall Light, OVATION Wireless Management’s CEO and Partner. “The wireless business continues to be dynamic and remains a high-growth business. Leveraging our new technology efforts currently underway will be vital in helping us manage future growth,” Light points out.

We feel like we’re an integral part of the Lake Norman community and economic development in this region,” says Rex Greer, President and Partner, OVATION Wireless Management. Both Greer and Light are quick to thank the community, OVATION’s active board of advisors and local Lake Norman region banks for being so supportive during the company’s tremendous growth period. “We have a strong base of support,” says Greer, “and are proud to be located and headquartered in Cornelius.”

With an 80 percent growth rate last year alone, OVATION stands apart from the crowd as a thriving, creative company. “The voice of the customer drives OVATION’s activities,” says Light. “We focus on cultivating and maintaining long-term customers and employees. As a company, we have no exit strategy. We built this company to keep it, not sell it, which makes us unique,”he explains. “Our staff is carefully selected to blend with the chemistry of the company and each brings a unique and critical skill set to our business.”

“As a wireless service company with more than 150 years of combined wireless experience, a customized approach and specialized software, we’re able to save a new client on average 35 percent on its wireless expenses in the first year,” says Light. “As a high percentage of companies’ wireless bills are not audited internally, many companies overspend excessively, paying for unused services and inefficient rate plans. That’s where we step in and help companies by determining which wireless plans fit their needs and tracking activity on an ongoing basis,” he adds.

“We’ll likely save one of our global clients $8 million this year alone by overseeing their wireless accounts and making the carrier changes to realize the savings,” says Greer. “A common misconception is that we require clients to change wireless carriers. OVATION does not receive any compensation from wireless companies”, says Greer, “so every client we serve selects its own wireless provider and we manage from there.”

OVATION prides itself on customizing each monthly report based on the client’s specific needs. “We also chose to base our customer service center in the United States, so when customers call, they’re supporting the U.S. economy while receiving excellent service,” adds Light.
OVATION’s dedication to its clients and employees is likely the key factor in helping the company grow its client base dramatically since 2002. Caterpillar Dealers, CSX Transportation, Nucor, SCANA, Harrah’s Entertainment, Motorola, Carolina Tractor, TDA Ameritrade, Concrete Supply, and Discovery Channel are among a long list of OVATION Wireless Management clients. With employees in Louisiana, Maryland and Bulgaria, the company serves both U.S. and international companies.
For more information on OVATION Wireless Management, please visit the company’s website at www.ovationwireless.com or contact the following:

Randall Light
CEO & Partner
OVATION Wireless Management, Inc.
Cornelius, NC
(704) 714-2111

Charity Pitman
Associate Director
Lake Norman Regional Economic Development Corporation
(704) 992-2300

Economic Development Corporation
13801 Reese Blvd. West, Suite 200-A
Huntersville, NC 28078