OVATION Wireless Management Names David Boatman as COO

OVATION Wireless Management Names David Boatman as COO

OVATION Wireless Management Names David Boatman as COO

Cornelius, NC April 1, 2009 – A 22-year veteran of the software, services and technology industry, David M Boatman, has joined OVATION Wireless Management, Inc., the leader in Wireless Expense Management (WEM). Boatman will be serving as Chief Operating Officer and as the newest addition to the Board. OVATION CEO Randall Light, CEO and Founder, announced today.

Mr. Boatman is responsible for OVATION’s overall operations, systems and technology, and the delivery of OVATION’s newest software suite, the second generation of Magellan known as the M2 Portal, strategic planning, organizational development and client satisfaction. “Wireless Expense Management is one of the fastest growing segments of expense control leverage by corporations whether international or domestic” said Mr. Boatman. “The current economic conditions are causing CFO’s and CIO’s to reevaluate their current management and level of wireless expense management. As cell phones leave the realm of voice only and enter the world of text, data, rich media content, and smart phones become the standard for business and personal use, many companies ranging from 1,000 employees in size to the Fortune 300 are approaching OVATION to help with reducing expenses and managing all wireless devices. ”

OVATION Wireless Management was started by seasoned wireless carrier veterans and leaders in the wireless industry with a vision to leverage their experience and knowledge to help corporations large and small reduce this area of expense. During the last seven years, OVATION has leveraged its domain expertise to grow this start up into the leader among WEM or Wireless Expense Management companies.

Mr. Boatman has held numerous senior leadership positions in operations and technology with companies such as JLM Industries, Inc. and Sonic Automotive, Inc. These multi site operations supported a revenue base of more than $8 billion. Prior to joining OVATION, he was President of the Drive Technology Group, Inc. Mr. Boatman started his career in the defense industry and has lead more than a dozen large-scale system implementation and integration projects transforming legacy systems into scalable enterprise platforms.


OVATION specializes in Wireless Expense Management and utilizes its proprietary Magellan (M2) software platform to find and execute meaningful savings for their clients. OVATION also provides outsourced equipment and service procurement support, provisioning, asset management, help desk services, VIP care, and wireless contract compliance. They manage wireless services end-to-end and eliminate the need for complex training, in-house wireless expertise or staffing. OVATION does not sell wireless service, equipment, or accessories, nor do they receive any compensation from the wireless carriers in any form whatsoever. OVATION is totally unbiased and neutral with regard to their client recommendations and work diligently with the best interests of the client in mind.

To learn more about OVATION Wireless Management, Inc. and their Wireless Expense Management services, visit www.ovationwm.com or contact President Rex Greer at Rex@ovationwm.com.