Mobile Device Procurement and Deployment for Mobilizing Employees.

Mobilizing employees means equipping a mobile connected workforce with the technology, devices and services that best enables them to accomplish their jobs. This is not a simple task given the complexity of the mobile ecosystem, demand for iPhones, iPads and Android devices as well as ensuring that each and every device is protected with mobile device management solutions and each and every employee has agreed to the corporate wireless policy. In addition, each device should be configured to meet the needs of the end-user that requested it which often includes activating carrier services, setting up applications and access to corporate systems and bundling accessories and quick-start guides.

OVATION Helps You With the Procurement of Mobile Devices

OVATION's mobile procurement services eliminate the complexity of procuring, kitting and deploying mobile devices which minimizes downtime and maximizes end-user productivity. With over 750 years of wireless carrier experience, OVATION has developed a highly efficientMobile Device Procurement process for activating and deploying devices to end-users. It starts with defining your wireless policy and making sure that each employee's wireless needs are defined and categorized. OVATION then deploys a wireless procurement portal with approval controls that aligns the correct devices, services, applications and accessories to each employee. In addition, OVATION's procurement portal provides cost controls and dramatically reduces the administrative burden resulting in a reduce total-cost-of-ownership of mobility. Each order for a mobile device is date and time stamped. Telecom and business administrators have complete visibility into each and every transaction with comprehensive reporting that can be segmented by department.

OVATION Provides Best-In-Class iPad Deployments, iPhone Deployments, Android Deployments and 
Windows Deployments

Most IT and telecom organizations are not equipped to handle mobile device deployments. OVATION Wireless team of mobile device deployment experts, in our state-of-the-art mobile device deployment center, put together a comprehensive plan and utilizes an advanced system to ensure that each device is deployed with the correct configuration and controls. In addition, OVATION makes sure that each recipient is equipped with the educational materials that they need and back-it-up with one of the industry's highest rated support centers. For every iPad deployment, iPhone deployment, Android deployment and Windows deployment, OVATION tests and custom kits each device to your exact criteria. As a best practice, most enterprise customers also want to include a copy of the wireless policy so employees understand the corporate governance of mobile devices.

Custom Mobile Procurement Requests

No two mobile device deployments are identical. Therefore, OVATION is equipped to handle the most unique requirements for procurement and deployment of all types of mobile devices. OVATION's capabilities include custom, branded collateral and training materials. In addition, OVATION can capture each asset in its management platform to provide visibility and control over your mobile connected workforce.

Mobile Device Deployment Best Practice

When planning a large scale mobile device deployment it is imperative that you plan a wireless optimization after three months from the deployment to prevent your wireless service costs from spiraling out of control. In addition, it is an excellent checkpoint to also let employees know that they need to maintain compliance with the corporate wireless policy. Incorporating OVATION's wireless optimization into your mobility strategy also provides you with predictability into the expense and helps you free up excess service costs to use for other priorities on your mobility roadmap such as mobile application development.