Customized Approval Management
Customized Approval Management

Equipping a Mobile Connected Workforce Requires Flexible and Efficient Transaction Approval Management

OVATION Wireless Management Provides You with Custom Approval Management that Fits Your Organization

The plethora of advanced mobile devices, including tablets and smartphones, combined with the unique needs of mobile connected employees create a complex challenge for IT organizations trying to equip employees with the right mix of devices, services, applications and accessories. OVATION dramatically simplifies this process with an easily customized approval workflow and management platform that enables you to assign multiple levels of approvers for each transaction. In addition, the customized approval workflow can be configured to ensure that each person in your organization agrees to comply with your corporate wireless policy in advance of receiving their approved device(s) configured with the correct set of applications, enabled with the correct services and packaged with the approved accessories.

Achieve Complete Visibility and Control of the Approval Process

Most organizations involve line of business management when approving an employee to receive mobile IT assets. Therefore, it is imperative that your approval process management is flexible and efficiently adapts to the dynamics of your organization. When an approver transitions to another department then there is a need to quickly implement the change. OVATION Wireless Management works to establish a corporate hierarchy feed, which includes designated approvers, and updates departmental changes on an on-going basis. In addition, OVATION provides wireless administrators with complete visibility and control of the approval process. Each approval step is date and time-stamped and administrators receive aging alerts when an approval step exceeds the allocated amount of time.

Comprehensive Transaction Reporting for IT, Department Heads and Wireless Managers

In addition to providing complete visibility and control of the approval process for equipping employees with wireless devices, tablets and smartphones, OVATION enables wireless managers and department heads to gain visibility into the overall transaction set on a monthly basis. Department heads will have a comprehensive organizational view of their mobile connected workforce. In addition, OVATION Wireless Management will help implement best practices that result in a more efficient and competitive mobile connected workforce.

Simplifying the Management of Mobile Device Standards and Exceptions

The last thing an IT organization wants to deal with is an overwhelming number of exception requests to the corporate wireless policy. The OVATION custom approval process can seamlessly handle the exception process without burdening wireless administrators.

Setting-Up a Mobile Workforce Starts with Defining Employee Types and the Mobile Device, Applications and Services that will Improve Their Productivity.

As a best practice, we recommend that you create an approval process based on the roles within your organization. With each role you will then define the appropriate mix of Smartphone, tablet, applications, services and accessories. Some employees simply need to extend their day and have access to corporate email and/or data after hours. Other employees are classified as road warriors and often require a robust set of mobile resources to get their jobs done. OVATION's mobile enterprise experts can help you define the best set of employee classes and the corresponding mobile IT resources. OVATION defines an approval workflow based on your company's corporate wireless policy. When an employee requests something that falls outside of the approved mobile equipment set it is flagged and brought to the attention of the approving managers to ensure that the rationale for the purchase is valid.

The Final Approval Sets In Motion the Process for Rapidly Equipping End-Users with Approved Mobile Devices.

Once the final approval is confirmed then OVATION starts the process of ordering, shipping and activating the device with the appropriate carrier, with the approved services and applications. The order is then closed upon successful confirmation by the end user. Contact OVATION for help equipping your mobile connected workforce.