Customized Order Fulfillment
Customized Order Fulfillment

Customized Device Order Fulfillment

The Last Stage of Equipping a Mobile Connected Workforce is Often the Most Important, Yet Frequently Overlooked

OVATION Wireless Management ensures that every order for a smartphone, tablet, router, SIM card, telemetry, Machine to Machine (M2M) device is activated, shipped and configured with the correct services, wireless rate plans, mobile device management controls and applications. Accurate delivery of mobile devices is critical to driving employee productivity and eliminating missteps in the launch of enterprise mobility projects.

Customized smartphone and device order fulfillment is the last stage of OVATION's industry leading solution for equipping your mobile connected workforce. Our comprehensive workflow begins with a custom purchasing portal that incorporates your enterprise wireless policy, wireless carriers, devices, services and accessories into a convenient and easy to use portal with eCommerce best practices and usability. Next OVATION streamlines the approval process by automating that course of action. And finally, you will have complete visibility into the status of each Smartphone and tablet order as they are fulfilled and delivered to each employee.
In order to eliminate calls into your IT support desk, OVATION also notifies employees of the status of their order via email and will send customized documentation for organization specific activation instructions.

OVATION Reduces the Total Cost of Ownership of Enterprise Mobility at Each Stage of the Supply Chain

With OVATION, you will benefit from industry leading mobile enterprise cost controls that start with OVATION's custom purchasing portal and ensures that each employee has access to the mobile devices, services and rate plans that are applicable to the approved set of devices for your organization.

Before each device is fulfilled, OVATION Wireless Management confirms, with your wireless carrier, that it is activated on the correct wireless rate plan. Then, on an ongoing basis, OVATION delivers expert rate plan optimization that will continue to reduce costs by aligning the most cost effective wireless rate plans from our comprehensive database with the exact usage of your mobile connected workforce.

Custom Staging and Kitting in Support of Special Enterprise Mobility Projects

Whether you need to package and ship tablets with credit card readers for a new retail point of sale (POS) initiative or ship ruggedized smartphones to petroleum engineers to capture well statistics, OVATION Wireless Management can help. OVATION's state-of-the-art facility is staffed with seasoned mobility professionals that ensure every device is activated, functioning and kitted with the correct components and instructions required for a successful mobile enterprise project.

As part of this program, OVATION can develop custom quick start guides that help each end-user achieve proficiency with the device and applications required for the special project. In addition, OVATION can support your enterprise mobility project with our mobility support team that delivers expert mobility education as well as general and technical support. As a result, OVATION customers achieve a faster return on their mobility investment.

If you want to take advantage of the benefits of enterprise mobility and initiate a custom project then request a quote from OVATION for custom staging, kitting and fulfillment.

OVATION's Customized Fulfillment of Smartphones and Tablets Supports Your Mobile Device Security Strategy

With increased occurrences of data breaches within the enterprise and Government agencies, there is a need to confirm that your mobile connected workforce is not a threat to your enterprise and could, potentially result in millions of dollars in damages.

Each and every device that is procured through OVATION Wireless Management's custom and comprehensive fulfillment process is configured with the security stack that supports your mobile device security strategy. OVATION's expertise with mobile device management platforms is instrumental in implementing the correct safeguards for each smartphone, tablet and connected device in your enterprise.

Contact OVATION for help equipping your mobile connected workforce.