OVATION Provides Wireless Technical Support and Wireless Help Desk Services when Your Mobile Connected Workforce Needs it Most.

The breadth of issues that end-users and wireless administrators are facing with the explosion of mobile devices in the enterprise can be overwhelming. That is why enterprises rely on OVATION Wireless help desk and wireless technical support services to keep their mobile enterprise fully operational and productive.

At OVATION's mobile help desk, we are standing by, 24x7x365, to support all your end-users' wireless and mobile related issues, including new device setup, policy questions, lost or stolen mobile devices, service change requests, BYOD issues, mobile device operating issues, mobile operating system issues, mobile application issues, wireless email issues, wireless carrier related issues, mobile device management issues and any other problem that your mobile connected workforce faces.

The OVATION Wireless Support Difference

At OVATION we pride ourselves on delivering the industry's most effective mobile help desk support and wireless technical support services. At OVATION we have purpose-built a wireless help desk to mobilize employees and deliver the quality of wireless technical support that would meet the standards of our own team. Therefore, the OVATION mobile help desk is focused on service excellence and includes:

  • U.S. based support experts
  • 24x7x365 support
  • Our support policy is focused on solving the issue and not on call length
  • A friendly and efficient approach
  • VIP support options
  • Multi-channel support options including web based, phone, email, chat
  • Friendly and expert support personnel that communicate at a level that is comfortable for the end-user
  • A comprehensive knowledgebase
  • Deep wireless carrier insight
  • More than 750 years of wireless experience
  • Expertise with mobile device management (MDM) platforms
  • Wireless data expertise
  • Smartphone, tablet and server expertise
  • Mobile operating system expertise, including iOS, Android, and Windows Phone
  • BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES), Good Mobile Messaging and ActiveSync expertise

Wireless Technical Support that Mobilizes Your Employees and Includes BYOD Support

The proliferation of smartphones and tablets in the enterprise has dramatically improved
productivity levels but has exponentially increased the need for expert wireless technical Enterprise Wireless Supportsupport to address the corresponding increase in support requests. OVATION has built a wireless technical support organization that understands the complexities of your mobile ecosystem as well as the cultural spectrum and mobile competency levels of end-users so we can make sure that your mobile enterprise is productive. In some cases, employees that are considered Generation Y or Millennials that have grown-up with mobile devices in their hands need a different level of support than Baby Boomers that might not be as comfortable with mobile devices. OVATION's mobile support team quickly and unobtrusively assesses the end-users' needs and delivers wireless technical support accordingly.

In addition, OVATION's U.S. based support team uses a friendly, professional and efficient approach to quickly troubleshoot and resolve the issue. OVATION's team quickly puts the end-user at ease and uses layman terms as they walk through the troubleshooting process. Whether the end-user is on the corporate liable program or if they're on a BYOD program, OVATION's experts help keep your mobile workforce mobilized and connected to mission critical corporate systems.

A Wireless Help Desk with Wireless Technical Support for Your Entire Enterprise

As a best practice, OVATION recommends that your enterprise wireless policy include levels of support that correspond to the value that each role delivers to the company. For employees that are day extenders, included in the BYOD program and only need access to corporate email on their mobile devices, then the level of support likely would not need to include 24x7x365 support. Whereas, employees that service or sell to customers and need to have real-time access to corporate systems, data and dispatch capabilities on their mobile devices should likely receive 24x7x365 support as well as rapid device replacement for lost, stolen or disabled devices. In addition, VIPs that rely on their mobile devices for constant access to corporate systems in order to manage the enterprise require a whole different level of support that delivers first class mobile device support with dedicated resources, precise knowledge of their mobile devices and rapid resolution of issues and device replacement when needed.

OVATION Wireless Technical Support Service for Your Mobile Ecosystem

  • BYOD Program Support
  • Tablet, Smartphone, Routers, SIM Card, IoT, M2M Support
  • VIP Support Services

Expert Mobile Help Desk Support for Mobile Deployment Success

Enterprises are relying on a greater variety of mobile devices in order to better support customers or to achieve a competitive advantage. Mobile connected employees are required to learn new technologies in order for IT and the line-of-business to accomplish their objectives and deliver a return on mobile technology investments. OVATION's mobile help desk support personnel are experts at new mobile device deployments and helping end-users get up to speed on new technologies, including devices, operating systems and applications. OVATION will develop a custom curriculum and support program for your mobile deployments in order to ensure success.

OVATION Mobile Help Desk and Wireless Technical Support Services for Mobile Deployments

  • Support for Android Tablet Deployments
  • Support for iOS Tablet Deployments
  • Support for iPhone Deployments
  • Support for Android Smartphone Deployments
  • Support for WiFi only Device Deployments
  • Support for Ruggedized Device Deployments
  • Support for Custom App Deployments