General Support
General Support

Keeping Your Mobile Connected Workforce Productive Requires Expert and Experienced Support Across Your Mobile Ecosystem

With Over 750 Years of Wireless Experience, OVATION Wireless Management has the Expertise to Support Cross-Generational Mobile Workers

Mobility has transformed how the enterprise engages and supports customers, partners and employees through the use of essential tools and data delivered on-demand and without geographic limitations.

In order for enterprises to achieve the full potential, competitive advantages and operational efficiencies promised by enterprise mobility programs, the diverse mobile connected workforce must be educated and supported for the smartphones, tablets, wireless services, mobile applications and mobile device security protocols required for these programs.

With most mobile connected workforces comprised of employees that span generations with wide ranging experiences and proficiencies with smartphones, tablets and mobile applications,  one size and method of mobile support does not fit the needs of all mobile workers.

OVATION Wireless Management, with over 750 years of combined mobility experience, delivers an evolutionary approach to supporting the mobile user that supports your specific mobile governance model and each end-user’s knowledge level and proficiency, while significantly reducing costs, eliminating the burden of mobility from your IT help desk and promoting economies of scale.

OVATION’s Unified Mobile Support Capabilities Deliver Unsurpassed Mobile User Effectiveness and Efficiencies

With OVATION, you will be assigned a dedicated team of enterprise mobility experts that will work with you to develop and execute an enterprise mobility support plan for all the mission critical aspects of your enterprise mobility program.

Enterprise Mobility Governance Support

Best-in-class enterprise mobility programs begin with a governance model that differentiates the level of service and support delivered to each class of mobile connected worker based on their role and value to the enterprise. From BYOD users to corporate liable users, OVATION’s mobile support program delivers the correct level of support to each end-user to ensure productivity and efficiencies. OVATION’s systems are purpose built to deliver unsurpassed support to your enterprise mobility program and mobile connected workforce.

Let OVATION design the Mobile Support solution that works for your company

  • Deployment Support
  • Procurement Support
  • International Support Capabilities
  • VIP Concierge Service
  • Incident Response & Tracking
  • Application Support (internal & third party)
  • Device Logistics, Reverse Logistics and Device Reclamation
  • Staging and Kitting of All Devices
  • MDM, BYOD Support (cloud, on-premise)
    • Intune
    • MaaS360
    • AirWatch
    • Citrix
    • Afaria
    • MobileIron
    • And many more!

Enterprise Mobility Program Support

The success of an enterprise mobility program is contingent upon your employees’ ability to become proficient with new smartphone, tablet and application functionality that extend legacy applications and access to enterprise data to new user interfaces and form factors. OVATION develops and executes a functional mobile technology curriculum that accelerates the proficiency of your mobile connected workforce to effectively utilize mobile devices, services and applications required by your enterprise mobility program. In addition, OVATION’s comprehensive knowledgebase is updated in near real-time and feeds the mobile technology curriculum with the functional capabilities of your approved catalog of smartphones and tablets in your enterprise.

Enterprise IT Service Delivery Support

OVATION’s enterprise mobility support program seamlessly integrates with your current IT service delivery model and supports the service level agreements that you currently have in place with corporate stakeholders. OVATION provides full support for your mobile infrastructure, including your preferred MDM management solution, enterprise application stores, Apple, Android, Microsoft and Windows powered devices and operating systems. In addition, your enterprise will benefit from OVATION’s wireless carrier experience and visibility into the wireless carriers’ operations to help proactively identify, communicate and resolve issues in the entire mobile data delivery model.

Enterprise Mobility Security and Mobile Device Management Support

High profile, financially motivated data breaches have become too frequent. The cost to an enterprise and damage to a corporate brand can be devastating. Therefore, OVATION takes a security first approach and fully supports a secure mobile connected enterprise to ensure that your mobile devices are not a threat vector that could be exploited. OVATION’s core competencies including managed MDM solutions and MDM support solutions that are instrumental in supporting your mobile device security policy. OVATION will provide remote “lock” , “wipe”, "whitelist" and "blacklist" functions for lost or stolen devices and enforce the security policy of devices connecting to your corporate data.

Enterprise Smartphone and Tablet Technical Support

OVATION’s mobile customer support center utilizes state-of-the-art knowledgebase technology and ticketing system in order to address any and every issue that your mobile connected workforce experiences. In addition, OVATION’s deep expertise and wireless carrier relationships provide unsurpassed issue resolution with the wide area network. With a culture and philosophy to work to solve the issue on the first call, OVATION’s mobile support team members work tirelessly and without fear of spending too much time on a particular ticket. OVATION is committed to the success of your enterprise mobile programs and does not cut corners to accomplish that objective.

Support for All Transactions of the Mobile Enterprise

OVATION’s strong wireless carrier relationships and knowledge of the wireless carrier processes facilitate the dynamic transactions of your mobile enterprise. OVATION will help execute any move, add, change or disconnect and drive costs out of the process. Every new line, service upgrade, disconnect, number port and feature change is date and time stamped and followed-up on to ensure completion.