Technical Support
Technical Support

The Complex and Dynamic Nature of Enterprise Mobile Ecosystems Requires Expert Wireless Technical Support

OVATION Delivers Proven Wireless Technical Support that Keeps Mobile Connected Workers Productive

Your mobile connected workers and internal IT help desk are often faced with the burden of troubleshooting issues with mobile technologies, including, smartphones, tablets, applications, voice and data services and peripherals. The rate of change of devices and applications creates immense stress on IT help desk resources to keep-up to ensure the productivity of your mobile workforce. In addition, the demands of VIPs increase the burden and typically expand the scope of the devices requiring support expertise. Wireless Technical SupportOVATION Wireless Management, with over 750 years of wireless experience, has purpose-built a U.S. based wireless technical support offering that eliminates the burden, pain and hassle of supporting your mobile workers and IT help desk by providing expert technical support powered by one of the industry's most comprehensive knowledge bases and expert staff. Because of OVATION's mobile procurement services and carrier relationships, the wireless support team gains early access to the latest and greatest devices in order to fully process the usability, functionality and potential issues to help better support customers. Unlike a lot of outsourced help desk programs, OVATION's team of U.S. based, seasoned wireless technical support professionals are incented to work an incident to completion on the first call. There is no conflict of interest between solving a mobile device issue and the length of call required to ensure your mobile worker is operational and productive.

24x7x365 Wireless Technical Support that is Customized to Your Enterprise

Because of OVATION's unique approach to wireless technical support, IT organizations will often include OVATION as a component of their business continuity plan. OVATION Supports:
  • Smartphones
  • Tablets
  • VIPs
  • MDMs and BES
  • Mobile applications
  • SIM cards
  • Wireless modems and routers
  • IoT and connected devices
  • BYOD programs
  • Wireless policies
  • MACD (moves, adds, changes and disconnects) support
  • Wireless billing issues
OVATION will work with you to define and implement the best technical support solution for the various types of mobile workers in your enterprise. With OVATION, a living profile of your mobile enterprise will serve as the foundation for delivering expert technical support and resolving issues in a timely fashion. With a comprehensive understanding of the challenges that mobile workers face, based on unparalleled wireless carrier and enterprise mobility experience, OVATION fosters a culture of helping that addresses the generational and technical proficiency challenges that often plague today's mobile workforce.

Expert Mobile Technical Support for VIPs

Dedicated resources, unique queues, respect for urgency and a culture of helping deliver the industry's best VIP mobile support desk and service. The OVATION VIP support team will ensure that your company's VIPs are taken care of when they need help with their Smartphones, tablets and wireless applications. OVATION can help you create profiles that define VIPs and establish the level of support that is consistent with the value that they deliver to your enterprise.

The OVATION VIP mobile support desk includes:

  • 24x7x365 support
  • Seasoned and mature support personnel
  • Rapid device replacement management
  • The ability to quickly assess and support VIPs
  • Varying mobile competency levels
  • Industry leading service level agreements

OVATION's Expert Wireless Technical Support is Just One Component of a Successful Enterprise Mobility Program

In addition to providing expert mobility technical support, OVATION will help you support and reduce the total cost of ownership of your mobile enterprise. OVATION provides support for mobile device management, custom app stores and helps reduce the costs of all the transactions of the mobile enterprise, including moves, adds, changes and disconnects. Our  ITIL-based processes combined with our immense wireless carrier expertise streamlines the workload and eliminates the burden on your internal team. To learn more about our expanded support offerings visit: Contact OVATION to help successfully execute your mobility program.