MDM Support
MDM Support

OVATION's Expert Mobile Device Management (MDM) Support Mitigates Risks and Off-Loads the Burden on IT

An Array of MDM Providers and Varying Enterprise Needs Often Creates Confusion and Challenges

With multiple MDM providers in the market and weekly shifts that include new entrants and acquisitions, MDM can be a challenging IT resource to manage. In addition, choosing the best MDM solution is more difficult now that the market is quickly being commoditized and per seat pricing reaching all time lows. In addition, very few enterprises are equipped with the expertise and knowledge to successfully implement their MDM environment.

OVATION Eliminates MDM Support Issues and Reduces the Total Cost of Ownership of Your Mobile Ecosystem

Regardless of your enterprise mobility strategy and the mix of BYOD and corporate liable programs, OVATION Wireless Management's expert MDM support can help dramatically simplify your program while delivering 24x7x365 U.S.-based support, when your employees need it most. With over 750 years of wireless experience, OVATION's team of MDM experts will execute your enterprise wireless policy with your MDM solution(s) of choice and support security, network services, application and hardware management across a wide range of operating systems. Your dedicated OVATION team will support your internal team or remotely execute commands on your behalf that ensure your mobile connected workforce is in compliance with your enterprise wireless policy and security standards. As a result of providing expert MDM support to some of the largest enterprises, OVATION has developed a model that improves speed of MDM deployment and operations which delivers a faster return on your MDM investment.

Mobile Application Security and Management is Driving the Next Generation of MDM

The OVATION Wireless Management team can help you make the right MDM choices for your enterprise. By partnering with industry leading MDM providers, OVATION will provide you with insight into the best MDM choices based on the unique needs of your mobile connected workforce. Best-in-class enterprises are focusing on application security which enables you to place policy controls on applications and the data within them. OVATION can help you discern which employees need application security management and which employees need BYOD policy management and support your team in the implementation and ongoing management of your MDM environment. OVATION works with the leading MDM providers, including Intune, AirWatch, MaaS 360, SAP and MobileIron to offer application security and management solutions. Whether in the Cloud or on your premise, OVATION will help you successfully implement, configure and manage your MDM environment to ensure a secure, efficient and productive mobile connected workforce.

OVATION Delivers Real-Time Cost Control Solutions with MDM

As a compliment to OVATION's unparalleled wireless voice and data optimization, real-time cost controls, implemented via an MDM solution, will help further slash the total cost of ownership of your mobile enterprise. OVATION's real-time wireless cost controls will support your policies regarding wireless voice and data usage which will eliminate waste and help secure budget for additional wireless initiatives.

OVATION Provides Mission Critical Mobile Device and Application Security and Management for Your Entire Mobile Connected Workforce

OVATION Wireless Mobile Device Management solutions include the expertise to help you align the MDM software that best meets the needs of your end-users. In addition, you will find OVATION's deep expertise with iOS, Android and Windows operating systems and what's required to ensure that the MDM deployment is utilizing the full capabilities of the operating system enabling:
  • Secure device enrollment
  • Remote configuration
  • Utilization monitoring
  • Settings management
  • Policy compliance
  • Password controls
  • Storage controls
  • Network access controls
  • Application controls
  • Logging and reporting
  • Remote wipe
  • Remote locking of the device
  • Mobile device troubleshooting
  • Backup and restore

Expert MDM Support Configured to Your Exact Needs

OVATION's MDM experts will provide you with guidance and help you choose the best mix of MDM providers based on the needs of your mobile connected employees and your IT organization. With over 750 years of enterprise wireless experience, you can count on OVATION to be your trusted advisor for MDM solutions and management.