Distracted Driving
Distracted Driving

The Combination of Mobile Device Governance and Mobile Device Management Technology Help Mitigate the Risks of Distracted Driving

OVATION Helps Eliminate the Risks of Distracted Driving along with our Partner Truce Software

The laws that regulate distracted now extend across 49 states, Puerto Rico, Guam and the U.S. Virgin Islands. For more information on specific state laws - click here. For global enterprises, it becomes an even more complex issue to manage with most countries adopting laws that regulate the use of wireless devices when driving. For enterprises with a mobile connected workforce, it is imperative to comply with these regulations or face significant fines and penalties; especially if the distracted driving results in an accident. If not governed effectively, the costs to the enterprise of distracted driving can rapidly reduce the efficiencies and productivity gains of a mobile connected workforce. OVATION has partnered with Truce Software to provide an industry-leading contextual mobile device management technology to our clients that helps eliminate the distractions associated with mobile device misuse.

With OVATION, Mitigating the Risks of Distracted Driving Starts with Mobile Enterprise Governance.

OVATION Wireless Management's more than 750 years of wireless experience is instrumental in helping enterprises develop best-in-class wireless policies that eliminate the risks of distracted driving while facilitating an efficient and productive mobile connected workforce. OVATION helps you implement best practices in alignment of the devices and services that drive the productivity of each employee's role in the company. This includes specific corporate guidelines for employees that operate company vehicles and employees drive personal vehicles to conduct work. Enterprise Wireless Policies Developed by OVATION Wireless Management includes:
  • Alignment of Employee Role and Device Types
  • Alignment of Employee Role and Service Types
  • Alignment of Employee Role and Feature Types
  • Alignment of Employee Role and Access to Corporate Systems
  • Alignment of Employee Role and Usage Regulations
  • Driving and Usage Parameters
  • Hands-Free Usage Parameters
  • Mobile Device Security
  • Personal Usage Governance
  • Device Replacement Governance
  • International Usage Governance
  • Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Governance
  • Expense Governance

In Addition to Strong Governance, Mitigating the Risks of Distracted Driving can be Facilitated by Mobile Device Management Technology

OVATION's extensive expertise with Mobile Device Management platforms can ensure that are equipped with smartphones and tablets comply with the wireless policies and governance implemented by your enterprise. Mobile Device Management capabilities such as Geo-Fencing and Feature Management can help regulate usage when driving. OVATION applies these capabilities to enforce the wireless policies that govern your mobile connected workforce. OVATION manages Mobile Device Management (MDM) platforms that regulate the usage of smartphones and tablets for hundreds of thousands of mobile connected employees, resulting in a safer, more productive mobile workforce. OVATION Wireless Management's MDM Expertise Includes:
  • Airwatch
  • MobileIron
  • Intune
  • MAAS 360
  • Geo-fencing Point Solutions

Mobile Device Management Powered by OVATION Wireless Management Helps Eliminate the Risks of Distracted Driving.

From wireless policy development to the implementation of technologies that govern the use of smartphones and tablets, in real-time, OVATION Wireless Management helps your enterprise avoid the costly impact of distracted driving. With additional laws currently on the docket, the price for distracted driving will increase and enterprises need to be prepared to comply or pay the high price. OVATION is the trusted advisor to hundreds of enterprises that operate on a global basis and will apply the best practices developed over more than 750 years wireless experience to ensure that your wireless enterprise is protected. Contact OVATION for help implementing effective governance and technologies to mitigate the risks of distracted driving.