Wireless Expense Management SaaS

Wireless Expense Management SaaS

Wireless Expense Management SaaS

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In today’s mobile centric world, enterprises realize the benefits mobile technologies bring to their customers, employees and infrastructure.  However, the risks and requirements associated with security, costs and support must be managed or the potential for negative business impact is enormous.  The need to proactively manage mobility has never been as important.  For some enterprises, managing mobile technologies and their associated business processes is performed in-house.  To ensure success with this model, it is imperative to follow industry best practices.

A comprehensive Mobility Program consists of a policy and processes that together govern how mobile devices and wireless carrier services are provided and utilized by an enterprise.   Core to a comprehensive mobility program is utilizing the right technology that provides a wireless specific, secure, GDPR compliant, and flexible platform to support your mobility program. With regulations around data privacy receiving much attention in the most recent months globally and also in the U.S., a highly effective and straightforward SaaS technology that is GDPR compliant is advised together with expert support to augment your internal resources. 

A mobile focused SaaS platform will capture carrier billing details and manage the inventory and provide workflow for ordering and supporting your enterprise’s mobile needs. A successful wireless program is all centered around your wireless policy. This policy should align to your organization characteristics on managing technologies and how they are provided to employees. 

Providing a SaaS platform for your employees to access provides automation of support requests for new devices and services.  It is estimated that approximately 5-10% of your employees with mobile devices will request support on a monthly basis.  This is extremely labor intensive if automation tools are not in place to allow for self service.  While expectations are high with mobility services and support, most employees are comfortable with utilizing online tools for support.

Does your company have key stakeholders that need to understand how their employees or departments are consuming mobile voice and data services? Providing visibility into what services an employee or department is consuming and the costs for those services is a must.  An enterprise can manage the per unit cost of devices and services but is up to the individuals and departments to manage how much they consume.  This partnership is required to effectively manage the enterprise cost of mobility, to understand usage trends as they begin to develop and spot behavior patterns in employees or entire departments. Having an understanding of how departments consume services also allows for checks and balances in regards to the corporate mobile use policies.

The consumption of wireless data services continues to increase as our smartphones become the hub for virtually everything important in our lives both work and personal and as AI interfaces and AR functionalities are developed.  The average enterprise mobile device now consumes 4GB of data per month and is expected to rise to 20GB in the next few years as more mobile applications are rolled out and network speeds increase with 5G. Add in IoT coupled with AI for more real time data and processing that data so that the devices start to learn to function on their own and the mobility industry is destined to see significant increases in consumption and usage overall.

OVATION’s Magellan SaaS solution is GDPR compliant, supports over 200 global carrier formats, multi-currency, multi-lingual and is ISO 27001 certified. Magellan provides dashboard reporting on spend and consumption trends, emailed usage reports, a configurable provisioning catalog, asset management module, approval workflow and custom report generation capabilities. We also integrate with Service Now and other procurement platforms. 

Our managed services include invoice loading, optimization, fulfillment, help desk, device logistics and project management.  There are no requirements to utilize our managed services but we highly recommend utilization of our Magellan platform in any Enterprise Mobility program.

Contact OVATION today for a discussion on how our SaaS platform may be the right fit to help augment your internal mobility program.